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List of Kendriya Vidyalayas, Ros & Ziets in India and abroad


If you are searching for KVS (Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan) & List of Kendriya Vidyalayas in India and its website, phone numbers, emails, and other information, you are in the right place.

Here you will get all information like name, region, district, state of KVS, and list of Kendriya Vidyalayas in India. you will also get official new website addresses and phone numbers of KVS and Kendriya Vidyalayas. Just type any name of Kendriya Vidyalaya under KVS in the search box below and you will get the desired result.

On our website, you will get all information and updates related to KVS Admission 2021-2022, KVS Recruitment 2021, KVS Online fee payment, KVS fee challan generation, and fee receipt download, KVS study material for students, and much more.

All Kendriya Vidyalayas under KVS and KVS Regional offices, Ziets have switched to their new website. These do not appear in the google search result and it is very difficult to remember the website URLs and phone numbers of school, So, below is the list of Kendriya Vidyalayas in India and its website, phone numbers, emails, and other information.

Note: The official website address of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan ( has not changed.

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) Regional OfficesKVS Zonal Institute of Education & Training (ZIETs)

List of Kendriya Vidyalayas in India & abroad and its Official Websites, E-mail Addresses, Contact No. etc.
KV AFS CHANDINAGARAgraBaghpatUttar Pradesh
KV AFS NO. 1 AGRA CANTTAgraAgraUttar Pradesh -2400754
+91-121- 2301374
KV AFS SARSAWAAgraSaharanpurUttar Pradesh
KV ALIGARHAgraAligarhUttar Pradesh
KV BABINA CANTTAgraJhansiUttar Pradesh
KV BABUGARH CANTTAgraPanchsheel NagarUttar Pradesh
KV BAOLI BAGHPATAgraBaghpatUttar Pradesh
KV BULANDSHAHARAgraBulandshaharUttar Pradesh
KV CRPF RAMPURAgraRampurUttar Pradesh
KV NO. 2 AGRA CANTTAgraAgraUttar Pradesh
KV NOIDAAgraGautam Budh NagarUttar Pradesh
KV CRPF RAMPURAgraRampurUttar Pradesh
KV MAHOBAAgraMahobaUttar Pradesh
KV NO. 1 JHANSI CANTTAgraJhansiUttar Pradesh
KV BULANDSHAHARAgraBulandshaharUttar Pradesh
KV SL MEERUT CANTTAgraMeerutUttar Pradesh
KV TALBEHATAgraLalitpurUttar Pradesh
KV NO. 1 MORADABADAgraMoradabadUttar Pradesh
KV NO. 3 JHANSI CANTTAgraJhansiUttar Pradesh
KV BABUGARH CANTTAgraPanchsheel NagarUttar Pradesh
KV AFS NO. 1 AGRA CANTTAgraAgraUttar Pradesh
KV HATHRASAgraMahamaya NagarUttar Pradesh
KV NO. 2 JHANSI CANTTAgraJhansiUttar Pradesh
KV ETAHAgraEtahUttar Pradesh
KV AFS CHANDINAGARAgraBaghpatUttar Pradesh
KV MUZAFFARNAGARAgraMuzaffar NagarUttar Pradesh
KV AFS SARSAWAAgraSaharanpurUttar Pradesh
KV PL MEERUT CANTTAgraMeerutUttar Pradesh
KV ETAWAHAgraEtawahUttar Pradesh
+91- 9411440919
KV NO 2 HINDONAgraGhaziabadUttar Pradesh 265
KV MATHURA BAADAgraMathuraUttar Pradesh
KV SURAJPURAgraGautam Budh NagarUttar Pradesh
KV MRP MATHURAAgraMathuraUttar Pradesh
KV GREATER NOIDAAgraGautam Budh NagarUttar Pradesh
KV DL MEERUT CANTTAgraMeerutUttar Pradesh
KV MATHURA CANTTAgraMeerutUttar Pradesh
KV MAHOBAAgraMahobaUttar Pradesh 272
KV NO 2 BHOPALBhopalBhopalMadhya Pradesh
KV NO 3 BHOPALBhopalBhopalMadhya Pradesh
KV WCL SARNIBhopalBetulMadhya Pradesh
KV MORENABhopalMorenaMadhya Pradesh
KV PACHMARHIBhopalHoshangabadMadhya Pradesh
KV AMBAHBhopalMorenaMadhya Pradesh
KV BURHANPURBhopalBurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
KV BHINDBhopalBhindMadhya Pradesh
KV CRPF BANGRASIABhopalBhopalMadhya Pradesh
KV KHARGONEBhopalKhargoneMadhya Pradesh -
KV SEONI MALWABhopalHoshangabadMadhya Pradesh
KV SEHOREBhopalSehoreMadhya Pradesh 224410
+91-7562 225888
KV CHANDERI FATEHABADBhopalAshok NagarMadhya Pradesh
KV NO 2 ITARSIBhopalHoshangabadMadhya Pradesh
KV AFS AMLABhopalBetulMadhya Pradesh
KV BINABhopalBinaMadhya Pradesh
KV RAJGARHIBhopalRajgarhMadhya Pradesh
KV GAIL JHABUABhopalJhabuaMadhya Pradesh
KV MANDSAURBhopalMandsaurMadhya Pradesh
KV NO 1 INDOREBhopalIndoreMadhya Pradesh
KV NO 1 GWALIORBhopalGwaliorMadhya Pradesh
KV AFS NO 2 GWALIORBhopalGwaliorMadhya Pradesh
KV BETULBhopalBetulMadhya Pradesh
KV DEWASBhopalDewasMadhya Pradesh
KV NEPA NAGARBhopalBurhanpurMadhya Pradesh
KV NHDC NARMADA NAGARBhopalKhandwaMadhya Pradesh
KV HOSHANGABADBhopalHoshangabadMadhya Pradesh
KV AG NO 5 GWALIORBhopalGwaliorMadhya Pradesh
KV BSF NO 2 INDOREBhopalIndoreMadhya Pradesh
KV HARDABhopalHardaMadhya Pradesh
KV ITBP SHIVPURIBhopalShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
KV NO 1 BHOPALBhopalBhopalMadhya Pradesh
KV MULTAIBhopalBetulMadhya Pradesh
KV VIDISHABhopalVidishaMadhya Pradesh
KV NO. 4 AFS GWALIORBhopalGwaliorMadhya Pradesh
KV BAIRAGARHBhopalBhopalMadhya Pradesh
KV NO 1 ITARSIBhopalHoshangabadMadhya Pradesh
KV DATIABhopalDatiaMadhya Pradesh
KV GUNABhopalGunaMadhya Pradesh
KV ITBP KARERABhopalShivpuriMadhya Pradesh
KV CISF BARWAHABhopalKhargoneMadhya Pradesh
KV B.S.F. ACADEMY TEKANPURBhopalGwaliorMadhya Pradesh
KV SHEOPURBhopalSheopurMadhya Pradesh–
KV RATLAMBhopalRatlamMadhya Pradesh
KV SHAJAPURBhopalShajapurMadhya Pradesh
KV CRPF NEEMUCHBhopalNeemuchMadhya Pradesh
KV BADWANIBhopalBadwaniMadhya Pradesh
KV GANJ BASODABhopalVidishaMadhya Pradesh
KV KASRAWADBhopalKhargoneMadhya Pradesh
KV DABRABhopalGwaliorMadhya Pradesh
KV KHANDWABhopalKhandwaMadhya Pradesh
KV GUNABhopalGunaMadhya Pradesh
KV DHARBhopalDharMadhya Pradesh
KV NO 2 NEEMUCHBhopalNeemuchMadhya Pradesh
KV NO 3 MORAR CANTTBhopalGwaliorMadhya Pradesh
KV UJJAINBhopalUjjainMadhya Pradesh
KV TIKAMGARHBhopalTikamgarhMadhya Pradesh
KV GUNUPURBhubaneshwarGunupurOdisha
KV NO. 2 SAMBALPURBhubaneshwarSambalpurOdisha 2431077
KV ARC CHARBATIABhubaneshwarCuttackOdisha
KV OF NO 1 BOLANGIRBhubaneshwarBolangirOdisha
KV BHAWANI PATNABhubaneshwarKalahandiOdisha
KV DEOGARHBhubaneshwarDeogarhOdisha
KV JAJPURBhubaneshwarJajpurOdisha
KV NTPC KANIHABhubaneshwarKanihaOdisha
KV JAGATSINGHPURBhubaneshwarJagatsinghpurOdisha
KV SUNDARGARHBhubaneshwarSundergarhOdisha
KV VYASNAGARBhubaneshwarJajpurOdisha
KV NO 1 SAMBALPURBhubaneshwarSambalpurOdisha
KV NAYAGARHBhubaneshwarNayagarhOdisha
KV MALKANGIRIBhubaneshwarMalkangiriOdisha
KV KEONJHARBhubaneshwarKeonjharOdisha
KV GAJAPATIBhubaneshwarGajapatiOdisha
KV KANDHAMALBhubaneshwarKandhamalOdisha
KV SUNABEDABhubaneshwarSunabedaOdisha
KV CUTTACKBhubaneshwarCuttackOdisha
KV NO 5 KALINGA NAGARBhubaneshwarKhurdaOdisha
KV GOPALPUR CANTTBhubaneshwarGopalpurOdisha
KV NO 1 BHUBANESHWARBhubaneshwarKhurdaOdisha
KV NDRF NO 3 MUNDALIBhubaneshwarCuttackOdisha
KV BHADRAKBhubaneshwarBhadrakOdisha
KV NO 2 BALASOREBhubaneshwarBalasoreOdisha
KV KORAPUTBhubaneshwarKoraputOdisha
KV BALASOREBhubaneshwarBalasoreOdisha
KV NO 2 BOLANGIRBhubaneshwarBolangirOdisha
KV NO 6 POKHARIPUTBhubaneshwarKhurdaOdisha
KV BARIPADABhubaneshwarMayurbhanjOdisha
KV NABRANGPURBhubaneshwarNabrangpurOdisha
KV INS CHILKABhubaneshwarKhurdaOdisha
KV NO 3 MANCHESWARBhubaneshwarKhurdaOdisha
KV MURGABADIBhubaneshwarKhurdaOdisha
KV MAHULDIHABhubaneshwarMayurbhanjOdisha
KV NUAPADABhubaneshwarNuapadaOdisha
KV BHANJNAGARBhubaneshwarBhanjnagarOdisha
KV KHURDA ROADBhubaneshwarKhurdaOdisha
KV NUAPADABhubaneshwarNuapadaOdisha
KV NO 4 BHUBANESHWARBhubaneshwarKhurdaOdisha
KV CRPF NO 2 BHUBANESHWARBhubaneshwarKhurdaOdisha
KV BARIMULBhubaneshwarKendraparaOdisha
KV NO 2 CUTTACKBhubaneshwarCuttackOdisha
KV NO 2 ANGULBhubaneshwarAngulOdisha
KV DHARAMGARHBhubaneshwarKalahandiOdisha
KV DHENKANAL TOWNBhubaneshwarDhenkanalOdisha
KV SONEPURBhubaneshwarSubarnapurOdisha
KV KUTRABhubaneshwarSundergarhOdisha
KV ANGULBhubaneshwarAngulOdisha
KV HINJILICUTBhubaneshwarGanjamOdisha
KV BERHAMPURBhubaneshwarGanjamOdisha
KV RAYAGADABhubaneshwarRayagadaOdisha
KV DIGAPAHANDIBhubaneshwarGanjamOdisha
KV PARADIP PORTBhubaneshwarJagatsinghpurOdisha
KV BARGARHBhubaneshwarBargarhOdisha
KV BOUDHBhubaneshwarBoudhOdisha
KV BONDAMUNDABhubaneshwarBondamundaOdisha
KV JHARSUGUDABhubaneshwarJharsugudaOdisha
KV ROURKELABhubaneshwarSundergarhOdisha
KV ASKABhubaneshwarGanjamOdisha
KV KAPURTHALA CANTTChandigarhJalandharPunjab–279018
KV NO 2 JALANDHAR CANTTChandigarhJalandharPunjab
KV BSF AMARKOTChandigarhTarantaranPunjab
KV NO 5 BHATINDAChandigarhBhatindaPunjab
KV NO 1 AMRITSAR CANTTChandigarhAmritsarPunjab
KV BSF JALALABADChandigarhFerozepurPunjab +91-1638-252869
KV NO 1 RCF HUSSAINPURChandigarhKapurthalaPunjab
KV NO 3 PATHANKOTChandigarhPatankotPunjab
KV NO 1 JALANDHAR CANTTChandigarhJalandharPunjab
KV ZIRAKPURChandigarhSas Nagar MohaliPunjab
KV TIBRI CANTTChandigarhGurdaspurPunjab
KV NO 1 PATIALAChandigarhPatialaPunjab
KV SEC - 31 CHANDIGARHChandigarhChandigarhPunjab
KV AFS NO 1 HALWARAChandigarhLudhianaPunjab
KV NO 2 FEROZEPUR CANTTChandigarhFerozepurPunjab
KV HIGH GROUNDSChandigarhSas NagarPunjab
KV BSF FAZILKAChandigarhFazilkaPunjab
KV AFS NO 1 PATHANKOTChandigarhPathankotPunjab
KV NO 1 THIMAYYA MARG BHATINDAChandigarhBhatindaPunjab 229
KV SLIET LONGOWALChandigarhSangrurPunjab
KV NO 4 BHATINDAChandigarhBhatindaPunjab
KV KHANPURChandigarhRoopnagarPunjab
KV BHUNGAChandigarhHoshiyarpurPunjab
KV NO 1 ADAMPURChandigarhKapurthalaPunjab +91-181-2750910
KV AFS NO 2 HALWARAChandigarhLudhianaPunjab
KV NO 2 ARMY PATHANKOTChandigarhPathankotPunjab
KV FARIDKOTChandigarhFaridkotPunjab
KV NO 3 JALANDHAR CANTTChandigarhJalandharPunjab
KV NABHA CANTTChandigarhPatialaPunjab
KV CRPF SARAIKHASChandigarhJalandharPunjab
KV BSF KMS WALAChandigarhFerozepurPunjab
KV NO 2 ADAMPURChandigarhJalandharPunjab
KV DCW NO 2 PATIALAChandigarhPatialaPunjab
KV BSF SHIKAR PURChandigarhGurdaspurPunjab
KV BSF BHIKIWINDChandigarhTarantaranPunjab
KV REONA UCHAChandigarhFatehgarhPunjab
KV DAPPARChandigarhSas Nagar MohaliPunjab 248
KV SEC - 47 CHANDIGARHChandigarhChandigarhPunjab
KV 3 BRD NO 2 CHANDIGARHChandigarhChandigarhPunjab
KV ABOHARChandigarhFazilkaPunjab
KV OCF CHANDIGARHChandigarhChandigarhPunjab
KV NO 3 AMRITSAR NEW CANTTChandigarhAmritsarPunjab
KV MOHALIChandigarhMohaliPunjab
KV CANTT NO 1 FEROZEPURChandigarhFerozepurPunjab,
KV NO 4 MAMOON CANTT PATHANKOTChandigarhPathankotPunjab
KV BADDOWAL CANTTChandigarhLudhianaPunjab
KV NO 4 AFS JALANDHAR CANTT.ChandigarhJalandharPunjab
KV UBHAWALChandigarhSangrurPunjab
KV MULLANPUR GARIBDASChandigarhSas Nagar MohaliPunjab +91-172-2970514
KV SURANUSSIChandigarhJalandharPunjab
KV NANGAL BHURChandigarhPathankotPunjab
KV AFS BARNALAChandigarhBarnalaPunjab
KV NO. 3 PATIALAChandigarhPatialaPunjab
KV AFS NO. 3 BHATINDAChandigarhBhatinda
KV SULURChennaiSulurTamil Nadu
KV MINAMBAKKAMChennaiChennaiTamil Nadu–
ChennaiVelloreTamil Nadu
KV ARUVANKADUChennaiNilgiriTamil Nadu -
KV MAHEChennaiMaheTamil Nadu
KV NO 1 KALPAKKAMChennaiKanchipuramTamil Nadu
KV CECRI KARAIKUDIChennaiKaraikudiTamil Nadu
KV CLRI CHENNAIChennaiChennaiTamil Nadu
KV CRPF AVADIChennaiTiruvallurTamil Nadu–2684
KV NO 2 PORT BLAIRChennaiAndamanAndman & Nicobar
KV PERAMBALURChennaiParambalurTamil Nadu
KV VIRUDUNAGARChennaiVirudunagarTamil Nadu
KV NO 2 KALPAKKAMChennaiKanchipuramTamil Nadu
KV AFS THANJAVURChennaiThanjavurTamil Nadu
KV DHARMAPURIChennaiDharmapuriTamil Nadu
KV NO 2 KALAPET PONDICHERRYChennaiPuducherryPuducherry
KV NO 2 HAPP TRICHYChennaiTrichyTamil Nadu
KV NO 2 MADURAIChennaiMaduraiTamil Nadu
KV WELLINGTONChennaiNilgiriTamil Nadu
KV NO 1 JIPMER CAMPUS PONDICHERRYChennaiPuducherryPuducherry
KV HPF OOTACAMUNDChennaiNilgiriTamil Nadu
KV GOLDEN ROCKChennaiTiruchirapalliTamil Nadu
KV GANDHIGRAMChennaiDindigulTamil Nadu
KV ANNA NAGAR CHENNAIChennaiChennaiTamil Nadu
KV INS VIJAYANARAYANAMChennaiTirunelveliTamil Nadu
KV NO 1 ARAKKONAMChennaiVelloreTamil Nadu
KV NAGARCOILChennaiKanyakumariTamil Nadu
KV COIMBATOREChennaiCoimbatoreTamil Nadu
KV DGI COMPLEXChennaiChennaiTamil Nadu
KV MANDAPAM CAMPChennaiRamanathapuramTamil Nadu–241443
KV AFS NO 1 TAMBARAMChennaiKanchipuramTamil Nadu
KV GILL NAGAR CHENNAIChennaiChennaiTamil Nadu
KV ISLAND GROUNDSChennaiChennaiTamil Nadu
KV K.K. NAGAR ASHOK NAGARChennaiChennaiTamil Nadu
KV THIRUVANNAMALAIChennaiThiruvannamalaiTamil Nadu
KV AFS AVADIChennaiTiruvallurTamil Nadu
KV HVF AVADIChennaiTiruvallurTamil Nadu
KV SIVAGANGAChennaiTiruvallurTamil Nadu
KV RAMESWARAMChennaiRamanathapuramTamil Nadu
KV NO 1 PORT BLAIRAndamanAndamanAndaman & Nicobar
KV NO. 1 TIRUCHIRAPALLIChennaiTiruchirapalliTamil Nadu
KV IIT CHENNAIChennaiChennaiTamil Nadu
KV KARAIKALChennaiKaraikalTamil Nadu
KV OCF AVADIChennaiTiruvallurTamil Nadu
KV NO 1 MADURAIChennaiMaduraiTamil Nadu
KV NO. 2 TAMBARAMChennaiKanchipuramTamil Nadu
KV KHATIMADehradunUdham Singh NagarUttarakhand
KV ITBP GAUCHARDehradunChamoliUttarakhand
KV SSB GWALDHAMDehradunChamoliUttarakhand
KV HBK NO 2 DEHRADUNDehradunDehradunUttarakhand
KV PAURIDehradunPauriUttarakhand
KV ITBP DEHRADUNDehradunPithora GarhUttarakhand
KV HBK NO. 1 DEHRADUNDehradunDehradunUttarakhand
KV NEW TEHRI TOWNDehradunTehri GarhwalUttarakhand
KV HALDWANI CANTTDehradunNainitalUttarakhand
KV IIP DEHRADUNDehradunDehradunUttarakhand
KV PITHORAGARHDehradunPithora GarhUttarakhand
KV DEHRADUN OLFDehradunDehradunUttarakhand
KV (SSB) SRINAGARDehradunPauriUttarakhand
KV LANSDOWNEDehradunPauriUttarakhand
KV NO 2 ROORKEEDehradunHaridwarUttarakhand
KV ITBP JOSHIMATHDehradunChamoliUttarakhand
KV BHIMTALDehradunNainitalUttarakhand
KV (IVRI) MUKTESHWARDehradunNainitalUttarakhand
KV BIRPUR DEHRADUNDehradunDehradunUttarakhand
KV ITBP DEHRADUNDehradunDehradunUttarakhand
KV AUGUSTYAMUNIDehradunRudraprayagUttarakhand
KV NO. 1 BANBASA CANTTDehradunChampawatUttarakhand
KV KASHIPURDehradunUdham Singh NagarUttarakhand
KV SOURKHAND TEHRIDehradunTehri GarhwalUttarakhand
KV BHEL HARIDWARDehradunHaridwarUttarakhand
KV OFD RAIPUR DEHRADUNDehradunDehradunUttarakhand 67455
+91-135-2787176, 2780607
KV IMA DEHRADUNDehradunDehradunUttarakhand
KV GOPESHWARDehradunChamoliUttarakhand
KV MUSSOORIEDehradunDehradunUttarakhand
KV UTTARKASHIDehradunUttarkashiUttarakhand
KV NHPC NO 2 BANBASADehradunChampawatUttarakhand
KV RAIWALADehradunDehradunUttarakhand
KV RISHIKESHDehradunRishikeshUttarakhand
KV FRI DEHRADUNDehradunDehradunUttarakhand
KV NO 1 ROORKEEDehradunHaridwarUttarakhand
KV BAGESHWARDehradunBageshwarUttarakhand
KV ONGC DEHRADUNDehradunDehradunUttarakhand
KV LOHAGHATDehradunChampawatUttarakhand
KV DEHRADUN CANTT UPPER CAMPDehradunDehradunUttarakhand
KV ALMORADehradunAlmoraUttarakhand
KV KASAUNIDehradunBageshwarUttarakhand
KV RAJGARHIDehradunUttarkashiUttarakhand
KV NHPC DHARCHULADehradunPithora GarhUttarakhand
KV RANIKHETDehradunAlmoraUttarakhand
KV DR RAJENDRA PRASADDelhiCentral DelhiDelhi
KV KATHMANDUKathmanduKathmanduNepal
KV MOSCOWMoscowMoscowRussia
KV TEHRANTehranTehranIran
KV SEC 8 R.K. PURAMDelhiSouth West DelhiDelhi
KV MASJID MOTHDelhiSouth DelhiDelhi
KV VASANT KUNJDelhiSouth West DelhiDelhi
KV ANDREWS GANJDelhiSouth DelhiDelhi
KV VIKASPURIDelhiWest DelhiDelhi
KV NO 2 DELHI CANTTDelhiSouth West DelhiDelhi
KV PITAMPURADelhiNorth West DelhiDelhi
KV SEC 25 ROHINIDelhiNorth West DelhiDelhi
KV NO 3 DELHI CANTTDelhiSouth West DelhiDelhi
KV NEW MEHRAULI ROAD JNUDelhiSouth West DelhiDelhi
KV PRAGATI VIHARDelhiSouth DelhiDelhi
KV BSF CHHAWLA CAMPDelhiSouth West DelhiDelhi
KV KESHAVPURAMDelhiNorth West DelhiDelhi
KV (CRPF) JHARODA KALANDelhiSouth West DelhiDelhi
KV INA COLONYDelhiSouth DelhiDelhi
KV SEC - 12 DWARKADelhiSouth West DelhiDelhi
KV SHAKURBASTIDelhiWest DelhiDelhi
KV RANGPURIDelhiSouth West DelhiDelhi
KV CANTT NO 1 DELHIDelhiSouth West DelhiDelhi
KV SEC 22 ROHINIDelhiNorth West DelhiDelhi
KV SEC - 8 ROHINIDelhiNorth West Delhi
KV NTPC BADARPURDelhiSouth DelhiDelhi
KV SPG DWARKADelhiSouth West DelhiDelhi
KV AFS ARJANGARHDelhiSouth DelhiDelhi
KV NARELADelhiNorth West DelhiDelhi
KV GOLE MARKETDelhiCentral DelhiDelhi
KV SEC - 3 ROHINIDelhiNorth West DelhiDelhi, 27519363,
KV TAGORE GARDENDelhiWest DelhiDelhi
KV SEC - 4 R.K. PURAMDelhiSouth West DelhiDelhi
KV JANAKPURIDelhiWest DelhiDelhi
KV AFS RAJOKARIDelhiSouth West DelhiDelhi
KV PASCHIM VIHARDelhiWest DelhiDelhi
KV AGCR COLONYDelhiEast DelhiDelhi
KV SHALIMAR BAGHDelhiNorth West DelhiDelhi
KV KHICHRIPURDelhiEast DelhiDelhi
KV SHAHDARADelhiShahdaraDelhi
KV SEC - 28 ROHINIDelhiNorth West DelhiDelhi
KV SEC 2 R.K. PURAMDelhiSouth West DelhiDelhi
KV AFS BAWANADelhiNorth West DelhiDelhi
KV SEC 5 DWARKADelhiSouth West DelhiDelhi
KV SAINIK VIHARDelhiNorth West DelhiDelhi
KV KONNIErnakulamPathanamthittaKerala
KV CHENNEERKARAErnakulamPathanamthittaKerala
KV PAINAVUErnakulamIdukkiKerala
KV (NAD) ALWAYEErnakulamErnakulamKerala
KV NO 2 COCHINErnakulamErnakulamKerala
KV INS DRONACHARYA NO 4 COCHINErnakulamErnakulamKerala
KV TIRUCHURErnakulamThrissurKerala
KV PAYYANURErnakulamKannurKerala
KV MALLAPURAMErnakulamMallapuramKerala
KV CPCRI NO. 1 KASRAGODErnakulamKasragodeKerala
KV KPA RAMAVARMAPURAMErnakulamThrissurKerala
KV CRPF PALLIPURAMErnakulamThiruvananthapuramKerala
KV KADUTHURUTHYErnakulamKottayamKerala
KV NO 2 KASRAGODErnakulamKasragodeKerala
KV TRIVENDRAM PATTOMErnakulamThiruvananthapuramKerala
KV KALPETTAErnakulamWayanadKerala
KV NO 3 COCHINErnakulamErnakulamKerala
KV NTPC KAYAMKULAMErnakulamAlappuzhaKerala
KV KAVARATTIErnakulamKavarattiKerala
KV KANJIKODE NO 2 PALGHATErnakulamPalakkadKerala
KV TRIVENDRAM PANGODEErnakulamThiruvananthapuramKerala
KV KOLLAMErnakulamKollamKerala
KV ADOORErnakulamPathanamthittaKerala
KV ERNAKULAMErnakulamErnakulamKerala
KV SAP THIRUVANANTHAPURAMErnakulamThiruvananthapuramKerala
KV CRPF PERINGOMEErnakulamKannurKerala
KV THALESSERYErnakulamKannurKerala
KV EZHIMALAErnakulamKannurKerala
KV AFS TRIVENDRAM AKKULAMErnakulamTrivendrumKerala
KV KANNURErnakulamKannurKerala
KV KANHAGADErnakulamKasragodeKerala
KV NILESHWARErnakulamKasragodeKerala
KV NO 2 CALICUTErnakulamKozhikodeKerala
KV NO 1 CALICUTErnakulamKozhikodeKerala
KV NAVAL BASE NO 1 COCHINErnakulamErnakulamKerala
KV GC CRPF SONIPATGurugramSonipatHaryana
KV SOHNA ROAD NO 2 GURGAONGurugramGurugramHaryana
KV SAMALKHA BEHOLIGurugramPanipatHaryana
KV ITBP RAMGARH AMBALAGurugramPanchkulaHaryana
KV BAKLOHGurugramChambaHimachal Pradesh
KV NO 1 FARIDABADGurugramFaridabadHaryana
KV PALWALGurugramPalwalHaryana
KV KEYLONG LAHAUL SPITIGurugramLahaul SpitiHimachal Pradesh
KV RAGHUNATHPURA (NARNAUL)GurugramMahender GarhHaryana
KV NO 1 AMBALA CANTTGurugramAmbalaHaryana
KV PALUWASGurugramBhiwaniHaryana
KV FATEHABADGurugramFatehabadHaryana
KV HISSAR CANTTGurugramHissarHaryana
KV SAINJGurugramKulluHimachal Pradesh
KV YOL CANTTGurugramKangraHimachal Pradesh
KV NO 1 CHANDIMANDIRGurugramPanchkulaHaryana
KV BAKLOHGurugramChambaHimachal Pradesh
KV (NSG) MANESARGurugramGurugramHaryana
KV BANGANAGurugramUnaHimachal
KV BHAKLIGurugramRewariHaryana
KV PALAMPURGurugramKangraHimachal Pradesh
KV AFS NO 1 SIRSAGurugramSirsaHaryana
KV NO 2 CHANDIMANDIRGurugramPanchkulaHaryana
KV HAMIRPURGurugramHamirpurHimachal Pradesh
KV SUBATHUGurugramSolanHimachal Pradesh
KV HARSINGPURAGurugramKarnalHaryana
KV NO 2 CHAMERAGurugramChambaHimachal Pradesh
KV NAHARAGurugramSonipatHaryana
KV NHPC NO 1 HEP CHAMERAGurugramChambaHimachal Pradesh
KV AFS NO 1 GURGAONGurugramGurugramHaryana
KV GHUMARWINGurugramBilaspurHimachal Pradesh
KV ITBP SARHANGurugramShimlaHimachal Pradesh
KV NO 2 SIRSAGurugramSirsaHaryana
KV JHAJJARGurugramJhajjarHaryana
KV ALHILALGurugramKangraHimachal Pradesh
KV BUDAYAN JINDGurugramJindHaryana
KV NO. 4 AMBALA CANTTGurugramAmbalaHaryana
KV NO. 2 AMBALA CANTTGurugramAmbalaHaryana
KV MANDIGurugramMandiHimachal Pradesh
KV NALETIGurugramKangraHimachal Pradesh
KV NO 2 FARIDABADGurugramFaridabadHaryana
KV MATANHAILGurugramJhajjarHaryana
KV REWARIGurugramRewariHaryana
KV RECONG PEOGurugramKinnoreHimachal Pradesh
KV MATHANAGurugramKurukshetraHaryana
KV DHARAMSHALA CANTTGurugramKangraHimachal Pradesh 222
KV (SANTOKHGARH) SALOHGurugramUnaHimachal Pradesh 281
KV (CRPF) PINJOREGurugramPanchkulaHaryana
KV BHANALAGurugramKangraHimachal Pradesh
KV NO 3 AMBALA CANTTGurugramAmbalaHaryana
KV JUTOGHGurugramShimlaHimachal Pradesh
KV SANDHOLGurugramMandiHimachal Pradesh
KV ROHTAKGurugramRohtakHaryana 274
KV NO 3 FARIDABADGurugramFaridabadHaryana
KV AFS KASAULIGurugramSolanHimachal Pradesh 270580,
KV SHIMLAGurugramShimlaHimachal Pradesh
KV NADAUN (HP)GurugramHamirpurHimachal Pradesh
KV 210 COBRA CRPFGuwahatiDalgaonAssam
KV TAMULPURGuwahatiBaskaAssam
KV ONGC NO 2 JORHATGuwahatiJorhatAssam
KV DIPHUGuwahatiKarbi AnglongAssam
KV NO 2 SHIVSAGARGuwahatiSibsagarAssam
KV NAGAONGuwahatiNagaonAssam
KV MALIGAONGuwahatiKamprup (Metro)Assam
KV (CRPF) AMERIGOGGuwahatiKamprup (Metro)Assam
KV BORJHARGuwahatiKamprup (Metro)Assam
KV (HPC) JAGIROADGuwahatiMorigaonAssam
KV RANGIYA N.F. RAILWAYGuwahatiKamprup (Rural)Assam
KV KHANAPARAGuwahatiKamprup (Metro)Assam
KV GOALPARAGuwahatiGoalparaAssam
KV MANGALDOIGuwahatiDarrangAssam
KV BARPETAGuwahatiBarpetaAssam
KV UDALGURIGuwahatiUdalguriAssam
KV MISSAMARIGuwahatiSonitpurAssam
KV (CCI) BOKAJANGuwahatiKarbi AnglongAssam
+91-3675 246
KV IOC GUWAHATIGuwahatiKamprup (Metro)Assam
KV BVFCL NAMRUPGuwahatiDibrugarhAssam
KV NO 3 JORHATGuwahatiJorhatAssam
KVKHAT (CRPF) KHATIGuwahatiKarbi AnglongAssam
KV NO. 1 SIBSAGARGuwahatiSibsagarAssam,
KV IIT GUWAHATIGuwahatiKamprup (Metro)Assam
KV NARANGIGuwahatiKamprup (Metro)Assam
KV AFS NO 2 TEZPURGuwahatiSonitpurAssam,
KV KOKRAJHARGuwahatiKokrajharAssam
KV (ARC) DOOM DOOMAGuwahatiTinsukiaAssam
KV GOLAGHATGuwahatiGolaghatAssam
KV NO 1 TEZPURGuwahatiSonitpurAssam -
KV NEW BONGAIGAONGuwahatiBongaigaonAssam
KV AFS DIGARUGuwahatiKamprup (Metro)Assam
KV LAKHIMPURGuwahatiLakhimpurAssam
KV (BSF) PANBARIGuwahatiDhubriAssam
KV LUMDINGGuwahatiNagaonAssam
KV LOKRAGuwahatiSonitpurAssam
KV (SSB) HAFLONGGuwahatiDimahasaoAssam
KV IRLAPADUHyderabadGunupurAndhra Pradesh
KV KANDUKUR TOWNHyderabadKandukurAndhra Pradesh
KV SIRCILLAHyderabadTelangana Telangana
KV (OF) MEDAKHyderabadSangareddyTelangana,
KV MAHABUBABADHyderabadSangareddyTelangana
KV (ONGC) RAJAHMUNDARYHyderabadEast GodawariAndhra Pradesh
KV MACHHLIPATNAMHyderabadMachilipatnamAndhra Pradesh,
KV KAKINADAHyderabadKakinadaAndhra Pradesh
KV (NTPC) RAMAGUNDAMHyderabadPeddapalliTelangana
KV NIZAMABADHyderabadNizamabadTelangana
KV TENALIHyderabadTenaliAndhra Pradesh
KV NO 2 NAUSENA BAGHHyderabadVisakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
KV NO 2 VIJAYAWADAHyderabadGuntupalliAndhra Pradesh
KV NO. 2 DUNDIGALHyderabadMedchal (Malkajgiri)Telangana
KV RAJAMPETHyderabadKadapaAndhra Pradesh
KV NO 2 GOLCONDAHyderabadHyderabadTelangana 40-23566016
KV SATTENAPALLIHyderabadGunturAndhra Pradesh
KV VENKATAGIRIHyderabadHyderabadAndhra Pradesh
KV KOTHURUHyderabadKothuruAndhra Pradesh
+91-9381256042 +91-9441473837
KV BHONGIRHyderabadBhuvanagiriTelangana
KV MAHABUBNAGARHyderabadMahabubnagarTelangana
KV KARIM NAGARHyderabadKarim NagarHyderabad
KV GUNTURHyderabadGunturAndhra Pradesh
KV NO 1 GOLCONDAHyderabadHyderabadTelangana
KV GACHIBAWLIHyderabadHyderabadTelangana +91-40-23005204
KV MANCHERIALHyderabadMancherialTelangana
KV AFS BEGUMPETHyderabadMedchal (Malkajgiri)Telangana
KV MIRYALAGUDAHyderabadNalgondaTelangana
KV AFS HAKIMPET SECUNDERABADHyderabadMedchal (Malkajgiri)Telangana ,
KV ONGOLEHyderabadPrakasamAndhra Pradesh
KV (SOI) NO. 1 UPPALHyderabadMedchal (Malkajgiri)Telangana
KV NALGONDAHyderabadNalgondaTelangana
KV SIDDIPETHyderabadSiddipetTelangana
KV MALKAPURAMHyderabadVishakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh +91-891-2578834
KV (AFA) NO 1 DUNDIGALHyderabadMedchal (Malkajgiri)Telangana
KV UPPAL NO 2 (SOI)HyderabadMedchal (Malkajgiri)Telangana
KV NO 1 TIRUPATIHyderabadChittoorAndhra Pradesh
KV (NPA) SVPHyderabadRanga ReddyTelangana
KV NO. 1 SRIVIJAYA NAGARHyderabadVishakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
KV WALTAIRHyderabadVishakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
KV KHAMMAMHyderabadKhammamTelangana
KV KURNOOLHyderabadKurnoolAndhra Pradesh
KV WARANGALHyderabadWarrangal UrbanTelangana
KV GOOTY ANANTPURHyderabadAnantapurAndhra Pradesh–
KV GUNTAKALHyderabadAnantapurAndhra
KV BODHAN TOWNHyderabadNizamabadTelangana
KV CRPF GC BARKASHyderabadHyderabadTelangana
KV TRIMULGHERY SECUNDERABADHyderabadMedchal (Malkajgiri)Telangana
KV NAD VISHAKHAPATNAMHyderabadVishakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
KV SRIKAKULAMHyderabadSrikakulamAndhra Pradesh
KV INS KALINGA BHEEMUNIPATNAMHyderabadVishakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
KV (SK UNIVERSITY) ANANTAPURHyderabadAnantapurAndhra Pradesh
KV NO 2 TIRUPATIHyderabadTirupatiAndhra Pradesh
KV AFS SURYA LANKAHyderabadGunturAndhra Pradesh
KV PICKET SECUNDERABADHyderabadMedchal (Malkajgiri)Telangana
KV STEEL PROJECTHyderabadVishakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
KV NO 2 VIJAYAWADAHyderabadVizayanagramAndhra Pradesh
KV GACHIBAWLIHyderabadRanga ReddyTelangana
KV VIZIANAGARAMHyderabadVizayanagramAndhra Pradesh
KV KADAPAHyderabadKadapaAndhra Pradesh
KV SECUNDERABAD. BOLARUMHyderabadMedchal (Malkajgiri)Telangana
KV SECUNDERABAD. BOWENPALLYHyderabadMedchal (Malkajgiri)Telangana
KV JHARASANGAM MEDAKHyderabadSangareddyTelangana
KV NO. 1 NAUSENA BAGHHyderabadVishakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
KV ADILABADHyderabadAdilabadTelangana
KV (DRDO) KANCHAN BAGHHyderabadJalpaiguriWest Bengal
KV RAJAMPALLIHyderabadPrakasamAndhra Pradesh
KV NO 1 VIJAYAWADAHyderabadKrishnaAndhra Pradesh
KV ELURUHyderabadWest GodawariAndhra Pradesh
KV JAMUNA COLLIERY, ANUPPURJabalpurAnnuppurMadhya Pradesh
KV CHAURAIJabalpurChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
KV CHHINDWARAJabalpurChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh,
KV (VF) JABALPURJabalpurShobhapurMadhya Pradesh
KV NARSING PURJabalpurNarsingpurMadhya Pradesh
KV (SECL) DHANPURIJabalpurShahadolMadhya Pradesh
KV DHANAJabalpurSagarMadhya Pradesh
KV SEONIJabalpurSeoniMadhya Pradesh
KV SHAHADOLJabalpurShahadolMadhya Pradesh
KV GCF NO 1 JABALPURJabalpurJabalpurMadhya Pradesh
KV JAYANT COLLIERYJabalpurSingrauliMadhya Pradesh
KV CHHATTARPURJabalpurChhattarpurMadhya Pradesh
KV NO 3 SAGARJabalpurSagarMadhya Pradesh
KV TFRI JABALPURJabalpurJabalpurMadhya Pradesh
KV (AOC) JABALPURJabalpurJabalpurMadhya Pradesh
KV SIDHIJabalpurSidhiMadhya Pradesh
KV MANDLAJabalpurMandlaMadhya Pradesh
KV NO 1 SATNAJabalpurSatnaMadhya Pradesh
KV NO. 2 SATNAJabalpurSatnaMadhya Pradesh
KV NO. 2 REWAJabalpurRewaMadhya Pradesh
KV SINGRAULIJabalpurSingrauliMadhya Pradesh
KV GCF NO. 2 JABALPURJabalpurJabalpurMadhya Pradesh
KV JAMAIJabalpurChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
KV GARHAJabalpurJabalpurMadhya Pradesh
KV (RLY) NO 2 KATNIJabalpurKatniMadhya Pradesh
KV DAMOHJabalpurDamohMadhya Pradesh
KV NO. 2 SAGARJabalpurSagarMadhya Pradesh
KV WCL BARKUHI CHANDAMETTAJabalpurChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
KV SAGAR NO. 4 (HSGV)JabalpurSagarMadhya Pradesh
KV (OF) NO. 1 KATNIJabalpurKatniMadhya Pradesh
KV HATTA NAGARJabalpurDamohMadhya Pradesh
KV LAKHNADONJabalpurSeoniMadhya Pradesh
KV UMARIAJabalpurUmariaMadhya Pradesh
KV (OF) KHAMARIAJabalpurJabalpurMadhya Pradesh
KV BALAGHATJabalpurBalaghatMadhya Pradesh
KV PANDHURNAJabalpurChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
KV (SECL) NOWROZABADJabalpurUmariaMadhya Pradesh
KV MALANJKHANDJabalpurBalaghatMadhya Pradesh
KV NO 2 CHHINDWARAJabalpurChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
KV NO 1 REWAJabalpurRewaMadhya Pradesh
KV 1 STC JABALPURJabalpurJabalpurMadhya Pradesh
KV JAMUNA COLLIERYJabalpurAmethiMadhya Pradesh
KV NO 1 SAGAR CANTTJabalpurSagarMadhya Pradesh
KV (COD) JABALPURJabalpurJabalpurMadhya Pradesh
KV DINDORIJabalpurDindoriMadhya Pradesh
KV PANNAJabalpurPannaMadhya Pradesh
KV NO 3 MREC JAIPURJaipurJaipurRajasthan
KV NO 1 BAJAJ NAGAR JAIPURJaipurJaipurRajasthan
KV BANSWARAJaipurBanswaraRajasthan
KV (BSF) POKHRANJaipurJaisalmerRajasthan
KV NO. 1 (PRATAP NAGAR) UDAIPURJaipurUdaipurRajasthan
KV JALIPA CANTTJaipurJaipurRajasthan
+91 2982 220429
+91 2982 223781
KV LALGARH JATTANJaipurGanga NagarRajasthan
KV STPS SURATGARHJaipurGanga NagarRajasthan
KV NO. 4 (KHATIPURA) JAIPURJaipurJaipurRajasthan
KV NO 2 BIKANERJaipurBikanerRajasthan
KV BEAWARJaipurAjmerRajasthan
KV AFS NO 1 JODHPURJaipurJodhpurRajasthan
KV (BSF) JODHPURJaipurJodhpurRajasthan
KV HANUMANGARHJaipurHanumangarhRajasthan
KV (CISF) DEOLIJaipurTonkRajasthan
KV KHETRI NAGARJaipurJhunjhunuRajasthan
KV DHOLPURJaipurDholpurRajasthan
KV NO 1 KOTAJaipurKotaRajasthan,
KV JHUNJHUNUJaipurJhunjhunuRajasthan
KV (CRPF) MOUNTABUJaipurSirohiRajasthan
KV NO 6 SEC 3 PRATAP NAGARJaipurSirohiRajasthan
KV DUNGAR PURJaipurDungarpurRajasthan
KV ARMY NO 1 JODHPURJaipurJodhpurRajasthan
KV NO 2 JAIPUR CANTTJaipurJaipurRajasthan
KV BSF KHAJUWALAJaipurJaipurRajasthan
KV PALIJaipurPaliRajasthan
KV BHILWARAJaipurBhilwaraRajasthan
KV AFS NO 3 NAL BIKANERJaipurBikanerRajasthan
KV NO 5 MANSAROVER JAIPURJaipurJaipurRajasthan
KV CHITTORGARHJaipurChittorgarhRajasthan
KV NO 1 SAGAR ROAD, BIKANERJaipurBikanerRajasthan
KV IIT JODHPURJaipurJodhpurRajasthan
KV (ARMY) NO 2 JODHPURJaipurJodhpurRajasthan
KV NO 2 EKLINGGARH UDAIPURJaipurUdaipurRajasthan
KV AFS NO 2 SURATGARHJaipurGanga NagarRajasthan
KV GANGAPUR CITYJaipurSawai MadhopurRajasthan
KV AFS JAISALMERJaipurJaisalmerRajasthan
KV NAGAURJaipurNagaurRajasthan
KV SAWAI MADHOPURJaipurSawai MadhopurRajasthan
KV NO 2 KOTAJaipurKotaRajasthan 2466171
KV JALOREJaipurJaloreRajasthan
KV UTTARLAIJaipurBarmerRajasthan
KV INDERPURAJaipurJhunjhunuRajasthan
KV ITARANAJaipurAjmerRajasthan
KV BUNDIJaipurBundiRajasthan
KV AFS NO 1 SURATGARHJaipurGanga NagarRajasthan
KV TINVARIJaipurJodhpurRajasthan
KV (AGPP) ANTAJaipurChak ShahbadRajasthan
KV (BSF) ANOOPGARHJaipurGanga NagarRajasthan
KV AFS NO 2 JODHPURJaipurJodhpurRajasthan
KV BARANJaipurBaranRajasthan
KV CRPF NO 2 AJMERJaipurAjmerRajasthan
KV BHARATPURJaipurBharatpurRajasthan
KV CHURUJaipurChuruRajasthan
KV SHRI GANGA NAGAR CANTTJaipurGanga NagarRajasthan
KV NO 2 SURATGARH CANTTJaipurGanga NagarRajasthan
KV KARAULIJaipurKarauliRajasthan
KV BARANJaipurJodhpurRajasthan
KV NASIRABADJaipurAjmerRajasthan
KV DODA JODHPURJaipurJodhpurRajasthan
KV KATHUAJammuKathuaJammu & Kashmir
KV MIRAN SAHIBJammuJammuJammu & Kashmir
KV JOURIANJammuJammuJammu & Kashmir
KV NUBRAJammuLehJammu & Kashmir
KV DHAMANAJammuJammuJammu & Kashmir
KV SAMBAJammuSambaJammu & Kashmir
KV NO 1 GANDHI NAGAR (JAMMU)JammuJammuJammu & Kashmir
KV PAHALGAONJammuAnantnagJammu & Kashmir
KV NO 1 AKHNOORJammuJammuJammu & Kashmir
KV NO 2 UDHAMPURJammuUdhampurJammu & Kashmir
KV (CRPF) BANTALABJammuJammuJammu & Kashmir
KV (BSF) BANDIPURJammuBandipurJammu & Kashmir
KV JINDRAHJammuJammuJammu & Kashmir
KV (BSF) RAJOURIJammuRajouriJammu & Kashmir
KV BARAMULAJammuBaramulaJammu & Kashmir
KV NO. 1 UDHAMPURJammuUdhampurJammu & Kashmir
KV KALUCHAKJammuJammuJammu & Kashmir
KV NAGROTAJammuJammuJammu & Kashmir
KV BSF HUMHAMAJammuBudgamJammu & Kashmir
KV BSF SUNDERBANIJammuJammuJammu & Kashmir
KV URIJammuBaramulaJammu & Kashmir
KV NO 2 AKHNOORJammuJammuJammu & Kashmir
KV NO 2 JAMMU CANTTJammuJammuJammu & Kashmir
KV AMINOOJammuKulgamJammu & Kashmir
KV BSF NO 3 PANTHA CHOWK SRINAGARJammuSrinagarJammu & Kashmir
KV KARGILJammuKargilJammu & Kashmir
KV ANANTNAGJammuAnantnagJammu & Kashmir
KV AFS AWANTIPURAJammuPulwamaJammu & Kashmir
JammuKathuaJammu & Kashmir
KV BADARWAHJammuDodaJammu & Kashmir
KV AFS NO 2 SRINAGARJammuSrinagarJammu & Kashmir
KV NO 1 SRINAGARJammuSrinagarJammu & Kashmir
KV LEHJammuLehJammu & Kashmir
KV (SHEP) JYOTIPURAMJammuReasiJammu & Kashmir
KV HIRANAGARJammuKathuaJammu & Kashmir
KV KISHTWARJammuKishtwarJammu & Kashmir
KV NFR NEW JALPAIGURIKolkataJalpaiguriWest
KV TARKESWARKolkataHooghlyWest Bengal
KV NO 1 SALT LAKEKolkata24 Parganas (North)West Bengal
KV SANTRAGACHIKolkataHowrahWest Bengal
KV (IOC) HALDIAKolkataMidnapore (East)West Bengal
KV ASANSOLKolkataBurdwanWest Bengal
KV (ARMY) BARRACKPOREKolkata24 parganas (south)West Bengal
KV RANAGHAT, NADIAKolkataNadiaWest Bengal
KV SEVOKE ROADKolkataJalpaiguriWest Bengal
KV NO 2 SALT LAKEKolkata24 Parganas (North)West Bengal
KV BIRBHUMKolkataBirbhumWest Bengal
KV KALIMPONG (DURBIN)KolkataDarjeelingWest Bengal
KV (NHPC) MALDAKolkataDaulatpurWest Bengal
KV KANKINARAKolkata24 Parganas (North)West Bengal
KV BAMANGACHIKolkataHowrahWest Bengal
KV NHPC SINGTAMKolkataBurdwanWest Bengal
KV BERHAMPOREKolkataMurshidabadWest Bengal
KV PANAGARHKolkataBurdwanWest Bengal
KV HASIMARAKolkataJalpaiguriWest Bengal
KV ADRAKolkataPuruliaWest Bengal
KV SUKNA KHAPRAILKolkataDarjeelingWest Bengal
KV NO 2 ISHAPOREKolkata24 Parganas (North)West Bengal
KV NO 1 KANCHRAPARAKolkata24 Parganas (North)West Bengal
KV NO 2 BINNAGURIKolkataJalpaiguriWest Bengal
KV ALIPURDUAR JNKolkataJalpaiguriWest Bengal
KV NO 2 RAILWAY COLONY KHARAGPURKolkataMidnapore (East)West Bengal
KV (OF) DUM-DUMKolkata24 Parganas (North)West Bengal
KV ANDALKolkataBurdwanWest Bengal
KV (CRPF) DURGAPURKolkataBurdwanWest Bengal
KV BSF RANINAGARKolkataJalpaiguriWest Bengal
KV FORT WILLIAMKolkataKolkataWest Bengal
KV RAIGANJ, BSF GOVINDPURKolkataUttar DinajpurWest Bengal
KV RBNM SALBONIKolkataMidnapore (East)West Bengal
KV IIM JOKAKolkata24 Parganas (North)West Bengal
KV AFS SALUAKolkataMidnapore (West)West Bengal
KV COSSIPOREKolkataKolkataWest Bengal
KV RAILWAY COLONY KHARAGPURKolkataMidnapore (West)West Bengal
KV NO 2 KALAIKUNDAKolkataMidnapore (West)West Bengal
KV (IIT) NO 1 KHARAGPURKolkataMidnapore (West)West Bengal
KolkataKolkataWest Bengal
KV (NTPC) FARAKKAKolkataMaldaWest Bengal
KV NO 1 ISHAPOREKolkata24 Parganas (North)West Bengal
KV BSF GANDHINAGARKolkataCooch BeharWest Bengal
KV COMMAND HOSPITAL ALIPOREKolkata24 parganas (South)West Bengal
KV GARDEN REACHKolkataKolkataWest Bengal
KV BENGDUBIKolkataDarjeelingWest Bengal
KV DAKSHIN DINAJPURKolkataDakshin DinajpurWest Bengal
KV BSF ARADHPURKolkataMaldaWest Bengal
KV BAGDOGRAKolkataBagdograWest Bengal
KV GANGTOKKolkataEast SikkimSikkim
KV BOLPURKolkataBirbhumWest Bengal
KV CMERI DURGAPURKolkataBurdwanWest Bengal
Kolkata24 Parganas (North)West Bengal
KV BURDWANKolkataBurdwanWest Bengal
KV CLW CHITTARANJANKolkataBurdwanWest Bengal
KV BSF BAIKUNTHPURKolkataJalpaiguriWest Bengal
KV AFS BARRACKPOREKolkata24 Parganas (North)West Bengal
KV BSF KRISHNA NAGARKolkataNadiaWest Bengal
KV COOCH BEHARKolkataCooch BeharWest Bengal
KolkataJalpaiguriWest Bengal
KV NO 1 KALAIKUNDAKolkataMidnapore (West)West Bengal
KV AFS MEMAURALucknowLucknowUttar Pradesh
KV MCF RAEBARELILucknowRae BareliUttar Pradesh
KV SGPGI LUCKNOWLucknowLucknowUttar Pradesh
KV NO 1 CHAKERI KANPURLucknowKanpur NagarUttar Pradesh
KV NO 2 CHAKERILucknowKanpur NagarUttar Pradesh
KV OEF TAIGOAR ROAD KANPURLucknowKanpur NagarUttar Pradesh
KV IIM CAMPUSLucknowLucknowUttar Pradesh
KV NO 1 ARMAPUR KANPURLucknowKanpur NagarUttar Pradesh
KV (OCF) NO 2 SHAHJAHANPURLucknowShahjahanpurUttar Pradesh
KV GOMTI NAGARLucknowLucknowUttar Pradesh
KV LUCKNOW CANTTLucknowLucknowUttar Pradesh
KV AFS BAREILLYLucknowBareillyUttar Pradesh
KV RDSO LUCKNOWLucknowLucknowUttar Pradesh
KV SHRAWASTILucknowShrawastiUttar Pradesh
KV FATEH GARHLucknowFarukhabadUttar Pradesh
KV KANPUR RAKSHAVIHARLucknowKanpur NagarUttar Pradesh
KV HARDOILucknowHardoiUttar Pradesh
KV BALRAMPURLucknowBalrampurUttar Pradesh
KV SHIVGARH RAEBARELILucknowRae BareliUttar Pradesh
KV (JRC) BAREILLYLucknowBareillyUttar Pradesh
KV (IIT) KANPURLucknowKanpur NagarUttar Pradesh
KV BARABANKILucknowBarabankiUttar Pradesh
KV ALIGANJLucknowLucknowUttar Pradesh
KV SITAPURLucknowSitapurUttar Pradesh
KV KANPUR CANTTLucknowKanpur NagarUttar Pradesh
KV AFS BAKSHI KA TALABLucknowLucknowUttar Pradesh
KV (IFFCO) AONLA BAREILLYLucknowBareillyUttar Pradesh
KV (AMC) LUCKNOWLucknowLucknowUttar Pradesh
KV NO 1 SHAHJAHANPUR CANTTLucknowShahjahanpurUttar Pradesh
KV (BHEL) JAGDISHPURLucknowAmethiUttar Pradesh
KV MATI AKABARPURLucknowKanpur Dehat(Ramabai)Uttar Pradesh
KV PILIBHITLucknowPilibhitUttar Pradesh
KV FAIZABAD CANTTLucknowFaizabadUttar Pradesh
KV (ASC) BAREILLYLucknowBareillyUttar Pradesh
KV (NER) IZZAT NAGARLucknowBareillyUttar Pradesh
KV RAE BARELILucknowRae BareliUttar Pradesh
KV (NTPC) DIBYAPURLucknowAuraiyaUttar Pradesh
KV NO 3 CHAKERILucknowKanpur NagarUttar Pradesh
KV (IVRI) IZZAT NAGAR BAREILLYLucknowBareillyUttar Pradesh
KV UNNAOLucknowUnnaoUttar Pradesh
KV NO 2 ARMAPUR KANPURLucknowKanpur Nagar
Uttar Pradesh
KV LAKHIMPUR KHERILucknowLakhimpur KheriUttar Pradesh
KV BADAUNLucknowBudaunUttar Pradesh
KV PARBHANIMumbaiParbhaniMaharastra
KV WASHIMMumbaiWashimMaharastra
KV NO 3 COLABAMumbaiColabaMaharastra
KV NO 2 COLABAMumbaiColabaMaharastra
KV AFS NO 2 DEVLALIMumbaiDevlaliMaharastra
KV CME PUNEMumbaiPuneMaharastra
KV (WCL) NEW MAJARIMumbaiChandrapurMaharastra
KV AFS N. 1 PUNEMumbaiPuneMaharastra
KV PONDAMumbaiPondaMaharastra
KV INS HAMLAMumbaiHamlaMaharastra
KV YAVATMALMumbaiYavatmalMaharastra
KV NO 2 VASCO-DA-GAMAMumbaiVasco Da GamaMaharastra
KV BHANDUPMumbaiBhandupMaharastra
KV SHOLAPURMumbaiSholapurMaharastra
KV NO 2 DEHUROADMumbaiDehu RoadMaharastra
KV (CRPF) NAGPURMumbaiNagpurMaharastra
KV NAD KARANJAMumbaiNavi MumbaiMaharastra
KV GANESH KHINDMumbaiPuneMaharastra +91-20-29708600
KV (ONGC) PANVELMumbaiPanvelMaharastra
KV (WCL) CHANDRAPURMumbaiChandrapurMaharastra
KV (NMU) JALGAONMumbaiJalgaonMaharastra
KV CRPF TALEGAONMumbaiTalegaonMaharastra
KV NO 1 DEVLALIMumbaiNashikMaharastra
KV NO 1 VASCO DAGAMAMumbaiVasco Da GamaGoa
KV SCR NANDEDMumbaiNandedMaharastra
KV NO 1 AHMEDNAGARMumbaiAhmednagarMaharastra
KV ARMY AREA PUNEMumbaiPuneMaharastra
KV INS MANDOVIMumbaiPanajiMaharastra
KV NO 1 COLABAMumbaiMumbaiMaharastra
KV KOLIWADAMumbaiMumbaiMaharastra
KV NDA KHADAK VASLAMumbaiPuneMaharastra
KV AURANGABAD CANTTMumbaiAurangabadMaharastra
KV (MIRC) NO 2 AHMEDNAGARMumbaiAhmednagarMaharastra
KV AFS OJHARMumbaiOjharMaharastra
KV (9 BRD) NO 3 PUNEMumbaiPuneMaharastra
KV BAMBOLIM CAMPMumbaiBambolimMaharastra
KV IIT POWAIMumbaiMumbaiMaharastra
KV (OF) CHANDAMumbaiBhadravatiMaharastra
+91-7175-254 447
KV DHULEMumbaiDhuleMaharastra
KV MANKHURDMumbaiMumbaiMaharastra
KV BSF CHAKURMumbaiLaturMaharastra
KV (VSN) NAGPURMumbaiNagpurMaharastra

KV MANMADMumbaiManmadMaharastra
KV LONAVALAMumbaiLonavlaMaharastra
KV NO 1 NASIK ROAD CAMPMumbaiNashikMaharastra
KV (ISP) NO 2 NASIK ROAD CAMPMumbaiNashikMaharastra
KV AMBAJHARIMumbaiNagpurMaharastra
KV AFS THANEMumbaiThaneMaharastra
KV PULGAON CAMPMumbaiPulgaonMaharastra
KV (VRDE) NO 3 AHMEDNAGARMumbaiAhmednagarMaharastra
KV (OF) VARANGAONMumbaiVaragaonMaharastra
KV NO 1 DEHUROADMumbaiPuneMaharastra
KV IAT GIRINAGARMumbaiPuneMaharastra
KV CRPF MUDKHEDMumbaiMudkhedMaharastra
KV KAMPTEEMumbaiKampteeMaharastra
KV AFS NO 2 PUNEMumbaiPuneMaharastra
KV (OF) AMBARNATHMumbaiThaneMaharastra
KV (OF) BHANDARAMumbaiSawari JawharnagarMaharastra
KV (OF) NO 1 BHUSAWALMumbaiBhusawalMaharastra
KV (SC) PUNEMumbaiPuneMaharastra
KV AJNIMumbaiNagpurMaharastra
KV CHAKPIKARONGTinsukiaChandelManipur
KV MIAONTinsukiaChanglangArunachal Pradesh
KV (LAMPHELPAT) NO 1 IMPHALTinsukiaImphal EastManipur
KV LONGDINGTinsukiaArunachal PradeshArunachal Pradesh
KV (OIL) DULIAJANTinsukiaDibrugarhAssam
KV (CRPF) LARIE HILL KOHIMATinsukiaNagalandNagaland
KV TULITinsukiaMokokchungNagaland
KV DIBRUGARHTinsukiaDibrugarhAssam
KV TAWANGTinsukiaTawangArunachal Pradesh
KV TENGA VALLEYTinsukiaWest KamengArunachal Pradesh
KV DIRANGTinsukiaWest KamengArunachal Pradesh
KV (LEIMAKHONG) NO 3 IMPHALTinsukiaSenapatiManipur
KV TUTINGTinsukiaUppar SiangMaharastra
KV NO 1 ITANAGARTinsukiaPapumpareArunachal Pradesh
KV (CRPF) NO 2 IMPHALTinsukiaImphal EastManipur
KV UKHRULTinsukiaUkhrulManipur
KV ROINGTinsukiaLower DibangArunachal Pradesh
KV MOHANBARITinsukiaDibrugarhAssam
KV TAMENGLONGTinsukiaTamenglongManipur
KV AKAMPATTinsukiaImphal EastManipur
KV (CRPF) DIMAPURTinsukiaDimapurNagaland
KV RANGAPAHAR CANTTTinsukiaDimapurNagaland
KV DINJANTinsukiaDibrugarhAssam
KV (BSF) CHURA CHAND PURTinsukiaChura Chand PurManipur
KV LEKHAPANITinsukiaTinsukiaAssam
KKV NO 2 ITANAGARTinsukiaPapumpareArunachal Pradesh
KV ZAKHMATinsukiaKohimaNagaland
KV CHABUATinsukiaDibrugarhAssam
KV TINSUKIATinsukiaTinsukiaAssam
KV ZERO HAPOLITinsukiaLower SubansiriArunachal Pradesh
KV ALONG (11 ASSAM RIFLES)TinsukiaWest SiangArunachal Pradesh
KV NIRJULI (NERIST)TinsukiaPapumpareArunachal Pradesh
KV PASSIGAHTTinsukiaEast SiangArunachal Pradesh
KV KHONSATinsukiaTirapArunachal Pradesh
KV TEZUTinsukiaLohitArunachal Pradesh
KV KIMIN (9 ASSAM RIFLES)TinsukiaPapumpareArunachal Pradesh
KV (BSF) CHURA CHAND PURTinsukiaChura Chand PurManipur
KV MIRZAPURVaranasiMirzapurUttar Pradesh
KV AMHAT SULTANPURVaranasiSultanpurUttar Pradesh
KV NO 1 GORAKHPURVaranasiGorakhpurUttar Pradesh
KV VARANASI CANTTVaranasiVaranasiUttar Pradesh
KV AAYER VARANASIVaranasiVaranasiUttar Pradesh
KV BHADOHIVaranasiBhadohiUttar Pradesh
KV KAUHAR AMETHIVaranasiAmethiUttar Pradesh
KV BASTIVaranasiBastiUttar Pradesh
KV COD CHHEOKIVaranasiAllahabadUttar Pradesh
KV MAUVaranasiMauUttar Pradesh
KV CRPF ALLAHABADVaranasiAllahabadUttar Pradesh
KV AZAMGARHVaranasiAzamgarhUttar Pradesh
KV MANAURI ALLAHABADVaranasiAllahabadUttar Pradesh
KV DEORIAVaranasiDeoriaUttar Pradesh
KV NTPC SHAKTINAGARVaranasiSonebhadraUttar Pradesh
KV SIDHARTH NAGARVaranasiSidharth NagarUttar Pradesh
KV (BHU)VARANASIVaranasiVaranasiUttar Pradesh
KV MUGHAL SARAIVaranasiChandauliUttar Pradesh
KV CHERO SALEMPURVaranasiDeoriaUttar Pradesh
KV GONDAVaranasiGondaUttar Pradesh
KV NO 2 GORAKHPURVaranasiGorakhpurUttar Pradesh
KV (IFFCO)PHULPURVaranasiAllahabadUttar Pradesh
KV GHAZIPURVaranasiGhazipurUttar Pradesh
KV OLD CANTT ALLAHABADVaranasiAllahabadUttar Pradesh
KV IIIT ALLAHABADVaranasiAllahabadUttar Pradesh
KV CHITRAKOOTVaranasiChitrakootUttar Pradesh
KV BALLIAVaranasiBalliaUttar Pradesh
KV CHOPANVaranasiSonebhadraUttar Pradesh
KV GANGRANIVaranasiKushinagarUttar Pradesh
KV AFS BAMRAULIVaranasiAllahabadUttar Pradesh
KV NAINIVaranasiAllahabadUttar Pradesh
KV (ITI) MANKAPURVaranasiGondaUttar Pradesh
KV (NTPC) RIHAND NAGARVaranasiSonebhadraUttar Pradesh
KV NO 4 VARANASIVaranasiVaranasiUttar Pradesh
KV NEW CANTT ALLAHABADVaranasiAllahabadUttar Pradesh
KV (DLW) VARANASIVaranasiVaranasiUttar Pradesh
KV NITSilcharWest TripuraTripura
KV SILCHARSilcharCacharAssam
KV CHAMPHAISilcharChamphaiMizoram
KV (NEHU) SHILLONGSilcharEast khasi HillsMeghalaya
KV UMROI CANTTSilcharMeghalayaMeghalaya
KV (ONGC) SONAI ROADSilcharEast khasi HillsMeghalaya
KV KAILASHAHARSilcharUnakotiTripura
KV (BSF) PANISAGARSilcharNorth TripuraTripura
KV (ONGC) NO 2 AGARTALASilcharWest TripuraTripura
KV (KUNJBAN) NO 1 AGARTALASilcharWest TripuraTripura
KV EAC UPPER SHILLONGSilcharEast Khasi HillsMeghalaya
KV (HPC) CACHAR PANCHGRAMSilcharHailakandiAssam
KV TURASilcharWest Garo HillsMeghalaya +91-3651-232052
KV (HAPPY VALLEY) SHILLONGSilcharEast Khasi HillsMeghalaya
KV GC CRPF AGARTALASilcharWest TripuraTripura
KV NIT AGARTALASilcharCacharAssam
KV MASIMPURSilcharCacharAssam
KV (BSF) BAGAFASilcharSouth TripuraTripura
KV (AFS) KUMBHIRGRAMSilcharCacharAssam
KV (NEPA) BARAPANISilcharMeghalayaMeghalaya
KV LUNGLEISilcharLungleiMizoram
KV DHALAISilcharDhalaiTripura
KV (BSF) DHOLCHERASilcharCacharAssam
KV AFS LAITKOR PEAK SHILLONGSilcharEast Khasi HillsMeghalaya
KV KARIMGUNJSilcharKarimgunjAssam
KV AIZAWALSilcharAizawalMizoram
KV CHATRARanchiChatraJharkhand
KV GIRIDIHRanchiGiridihJharkhand
KV DUMKARanchiDumkaJharkhand
KV KHUNTIRanchiKhuntiJharkhand
KV LOHARDAGARanchiLohardagaJharkhand
+91-80026 85119
KV TATA NAGARRanchiEast SingbhumJharkhand
KV SURDA GHATSILARanchiEast SingbhumJharkhand
KV AFS SINGHARSHIRanchiPakurJharkhand
KV SIMDEGARanchiSimdegaJharkhand
KV SHAHIBGANJRanchiSahibganjJharkhand
KV (CCL) RANCHIRanchiRanchiJharkhand
KV RANCHI NAMKUMRanchiRanchiJharkhand
KV RANCHI HINOORanchiRanchiJharkhand
KV (HEC) RANCHIRanchiRanchiJharkhand
KV DEEPATOLI RANCHIRanchiRanchiJharkhand
KV (CRPF) RANCHIRanchiRanchiJharkhand
KV RAMGARH CANTTRanchiRamgarhJharkhand
KV PATRATURanchiRamgarhJharkhand
KV (IOP) MEGHAHATUBURURanchiWest SingbhumJharkhand
KV (DVC) MAITHAN DAMRanchiDhanbadJharkhand
KV MADHUPUR (DEOGHAR)RanchiDeogharJharkhand
KV LATEHARRanchiLateharJharkhand
KV JAMTARARanchiJamtaraJharkhand
KV (BSF) HAZARIBAGHRanchiHazaribaghJharkhand
KV GUMLARanchiGumlaJharkhand
KV GOMOHRanchiDhanbadJharkhand
KV GODDARanchiGoddaJharkhand
KV GARHWARanchiGarhwaJharkhand
KV NO 2 DHANBADRanchiDhanbadJharkhand
KV (CTBS) CHANDRAPURARanchiBokaroJharkhand
KV CHAKRADHARPURRanchiWest SingbhumJharkhand
KV (THERMAL) BOKARORanchiBokaroJharkhand
KV (RLY) NO 3 BOKARORanchiBokaroJharkhand
KV NO 1 BOKARO DBS CITYRanchiBokaroJharkhand
KV BHURKUNDARanchiRamgarhJharkhand
KV BARKAKANARanchiRamgarhJharkhand
KV CRPF BILASPURRaipurBilaspurChhattisgarh
KV DANTEWADARaipurDantewadaChhattisgarh
KV KHAIRAGARHRaipurRajnandgaonChhattisgarh
KV (BIOP) BACHELIRaipurDantewadaChhattisgarh
KV JAGDALPURRaipurBastarChhattisgarh
KV (BIOP) KIRANDULRaipurDantewadaChhattisgarh
KV NO 2 (NTPC) KORBARaipurKorbaChhattisgarh
KV RAIGARHRaipurRaigarhChhattisgarh
KV MAHARAJPUR KAWARDHARaipurKabirdhamChhattisgarh
KV MANENDRAGARHRaipurKoriyaChhattisgarh
KV NO. 2 RAIPURRaipurRaipurChhattisgarh
KV NAYA RAIPURRaipurRaipurChhattisgarh
KV (SECL) CHIRI MIRIRaipurKoriyaChhattisgarh
KV NARAYANPURRaipurChhattisgarhChhattisgarh
KV MAHASUMANDRaipurMahasamundChhattisgarh
KV BHILAIRaipurDurgChhattisgarh
KV (SECL) BAIKUNTPURRaipurKoriyaChhattisgarh
KV DUNGARGARHRaipurRajnandgaonChhattisgarh
KV (SECL) NO 3 KORBARaipurKorbaChhattisgarh
KV BILASPURRaipurBilaspurChhattisgarh
KV JANJGIRRaipurJanjgir ChampaChhattisgarh
KV RAJNANDGAONRaipurRajnandgaonChhattisgarh
KV DHAMTARIRaipurDhamtariChhattisgarh
KV SARAIPALLIRaipurMahasamundChhattisgarh
KV DURGRaipurDurgChhattisgarh
KV KANKERRaipurKankerChhattisgarh
KV JASHPURRaipurJashpurChhattisgarh
KV SUKMARaipurSukmaChhattisgarh
KV BIJAPURRaipurBijapurChhattisgarh
KV NO 1 RAIPURRaipurRaipurChhattisgarh
KV KHURUDRaipurDhamtariChhattisgarh
KV CISF BHILAIRaipurBhilaiChhattisgarh
KV (SECL) JHAGRAKHANDRaipurKoriyaChhattisgarh
KV (NTPC) (BCPP) NO 4 KORBARaipurKorbaChhattisgarh
KV AMBIKA PURRaipurSurgujaChhattisgarh
KV PURNIAPatnaPurniaBihar
KV MASHRAKPatnaSaranBihar
KV NO 2 DARBHANGAPatnaDarbhangaBihar
KV SASARAMPatnaRohtasBihar
KV AINWANPatnaJehanabadBihar
KV ARARIAPatnaArariaBihar
KV JHAJHAPatnaJamuiBihar
KV JAMALPURPatnaMungerBihar
KV NO 2 GAYAPatnaGayaBihar
KV SIWANPatnaSiwanBihar
KV PUSA-RAUPatnaSamastipurBihar
KV KHAGAULPatnaPatnaBihar
KV (NTPC) KAHAL GAONPatnaKahalgaonBihar
KV OF NALANDAPatnaNalandaBihar
KV CHAPRAPatnaSaranBihar
KV AFS BIHTAPatnaBihtaBihar
KV MOTIHARIPatnaEast ChamparanBihar
KV (IOC) NO 2 BARAUNIPatnaBegu SaraiBihar
KV NO 1 BARAUNIPatnaBegu SaraiBihar
KV AFS NO 1 DARBHANGAPatnaDarbhangaBihar
KV (BSF) KISHAN GANJPatnaKishan GanjBihar
KV MUZZAFFARPURPatnaMuzzaffarpurBihar
KV HAJIPURPatnaVaishaliBihar
KV SAMASTIPURPatnaSamastipurBihar
KV SONPURPatnaSaranBihar
KV BANKAPatnaBankaBihar
KV KATIHARPatnaKatiharBihar
KV JAWAHAR NAGARPatnaSitamarhiBihar
KV SHEOHARPatnaSheoharBihar
KV KHAGARIAPatnaKhagariaBihar
KV CRPF JHAPHANPatnaMuzzaffarpurBihar
KV GARHARAPatnaBegu SaraiBihar
KV SAHARSAPatnaSaharsaBihar
KV NO 1 GAYAPatnaGayaBihar
KV BUXARPatnaBuxarBihar
KV AURANGABADPatnaAurangabadBihar
KV ARAHPatnaBhojpurBihar
KV HARNAUTPatnaNalandaBihar
KV NABINAGAR NPGCLPatnaAurangabadBihar
KV LAKHISA RAIPatnaLakhisaraiBihar
KV GOPALGANJPatnaGopalganjBihar
KV BETIAHPatnaWest ChamparanBihar
KV DIUAhmedabadDaman & DiuDaman & Diu
KV JETPURAhmedabadRajkotGujarat
KV SAC AHMEDABADAhmedabadAhmedabadGujarat
KV AFS WADSARAhmedabadGandhinagarGujarat
KV PATANAhmedabadPatanGujarat
KV JUNAGARHAhmedabadJunagarhGujarat
KV NO 3 (AF) JAMNAGARAhmedabadJamnagarGujarat
KV NO 3 GANDHINAGAR CANTTAhmedabadGandhinagarGujarat
KV HIMMAT NAGARAhmedabadSabarkanthaGujarat
KV NO 4 BARODAAhmedabadVadodaraGujarat
KV DWARKAAhmedabadJamnagarGujarat
KV BSF DANTIWADAAhmedabadBanaskanthaGujarat
KV ONGC CAMBEYAhmedabadGandhinagarGujarat
KV AFS NALIYAAhmedabadKutchGujarat
KV SILVASSAAhmedabadDadra and Nagar HaveliDadra and Nagar Haveli
KV NO 1 AFS JAMNAGARAhmedabadJamnagarGujarat
KV ONGC CHANDKHEDAAhmedabadAhmedabadGujarat
KV AFS DARJEEPURAAhmedabadVadodaraGujarat
KV NO 3 AFS BARODAAhmedabadVadodaraGujarat
KV IFFCO GANDHIDHAMAhmedabadKutchGujarat
KV NO 1 GANDHINAGARAhmedabadGandhinagarGujarat
KV RAJKOTAhmedabadRajkotGujarat
KV HAJIRA NO 2 SURATAhmedabadSuratGujarat
+ 91-261-2802604
+91-261- 2802605
KV BHAVNAGAR PARAAhmedabadBhavnagarGujarat
KV AHMEDABAD CANTTAhmedabadAhmedabadGujarat
KV SABARMATIAhmedabadAhmedabadGujarat
KV CRPF GANDHINAGARAhmedabadGandhinagarGujarat
KV GODHRAAhmedabadPanchmahalGujarat
KV PORBANDARAhmedabadPorbandarGujarat
KV INS VALSURAAhmedabadJamnagarGujarat
KV NO 2 BHUJ CANTTAhmedabadKutchGujarat
KV NO 1 SURATAhmedabadSuratGujarat
KV NO 2 JAMNAGARAhmedabadJamnagarGujarat
KV VIRAMGAONAhmedabadAhmedabadGujarat
KV DHRANGADHRAAhmedabadSurendra NagarGujarat
KV NO 1 M.R. CAMPUS AHMEDABADAhmedabadAhmedabadGujarat
KV DAHODAhmedabadDahodGujarat
KV ONGC NO 3 SURATAhmedabadSuratGujarat
KV ONGC MEHSANAAhmedabadMehsanaGujarat
KV ONGC ANKLESHWARAhmedabadBharuchGujarat
KV OKHAAhmedabadJamnagarGujarat
KV AFS SAMANAAhmedabadJamnagarGujarat
KV V V NAGARAhmedabadAnandGujarat
KV NO 2 BARODAAhmedabadVadodaraGujarat
KV MYSOREBengaluruMysoreKarnataka
KV GAURIBIDANURBengaluruChikkaballapurKarnataka
KV BRBNMPL MYSURUBengaluruMysoreKarnataka
KV GANGAVATHIBengaluruKoppalKarnataka
KV KADRIMIDRIBengaluruChickmagluruKarnataka
KV HUTTIBengaluruRaichurKarnataka
KV UDUPIBengaluruUdupiKarnataka
KV HAVERIBengaluruHaveriKarnataka
KV CHIKODIBengaluruBelgaumKarnataka
KV MANDYABengaluruMandyaKarnataka
KV CHAMRAJ NAGARBengaluruChamraj NagarKarnataka
KV MMPU BELGAUM CANTTBengaluruBelgaumKarnataka
KV KRISHNARAJAPURAMBengaluruBengaluru UrbanKarnataka
KV SHIVAMOGGABengaluruShivamoggaKarnataka
KV DAVANGEREBengaluruDavangereKarnataka
KV KOPPALBengaluruKoppalKarnataka
KV BAGALKOTBengaluruBagalkotKarnataka
KV KODAGUBengaluruKodaguKarnataka
KV KARWARBengaluruUttara KannadaKarnataka
KV VIJAYAPURABengaluruVijayapurKarnataka
KV HOSPETBengaluruBellaryKarnataka
KV TUMKURBengaluruTumkurKarnataka
KV RAICHURBengaluruRaichurKarnataka 227137
KV CRPF YELAHANKABengaluruBangalore UrbanKarnataka
KV NO 2 MANGALURUBengaluruDakshina KannadaKarnataka
KV NO 1 MANGALOREBengaluruDakshina KannadaKarnataka 610
KV NO 2 HUBLIBengaluruDharwadKarnataka
KV NO 1 HUBLIBengaluruDharwadKarnataka
KV HASSANBengaluruHassanKarnataka
KV DHARWADBengaluruDharwadKarnataka
KV NDMC DONIMALAIBengaluruBellaryKarnataka
KV AFS SAMBRABengaluruBelgaumKarnataka
KV BEML NAGAR KOLARBengaluruKolarKarnataka
KV BELLARYBengaluruBellaryKarnataka
KV W&AP YELAHANKABengaluruBengaluru UrbanKarnataka
KV AFS YELAHANKABengaluruBengaluru UrbanKarnataka
KV NAL BENGALURUBengaluruBengaluru UrbanKarnataka
KV MALLESWARAMBengaluruBengaluru UrbanKarnataka
KV MG RLY BENGALURUBengaluruBengaluru UrbanKarnataka
KV MEG & CENTRE BENGALURUBengaluruBengaluru UrbanKarnataka
KV AFS NO 2 JALAHALLIBengaluruBengaluru UrbanKarnataka
KV AFS NO 1 JALAHALLIBengaluruBengaluru UrbanKarnataka
KV IISC BENGALURUBengaluruBengaluru UrbanKarnataka
KV HEBBAL BENGALURUBengaluruBengaluru UrbanKarnataka
KV DRDO BENGALURUBengaluruBengaluru UrbanKarnataka
KV ASC BENGALURUBengaluruBengaluru UrbanKarnataka
KV NO 3 BELGAUMBengaluruBelgaumKarnataka
KV CHANNAPATNABengaluruRamnagraKarnataka
KVS RO AHMEDABADAhmedabadAhmedabadGujarat
KVS RO BENGALURUBengaluruBengaluruKarnataka
KVS RO BHOPALBhopalBhopalMadhya Pradesh
KVS RO BHUBANESWARBhubaneshwarBhubaneshwarOdisha
KVS RO CHANDIGARHChandigarhChandigarhHaryana
KVS RO CHENNAIChennaiChennaiTamil Nadu
KVS RO DEHRADUNDehradunDehradunUttrakhand
KVS RO DELHINew DelhiNew DelhiDelhi
KVS RO GUWAHATIGuwahatiGuwahatiAssam
KVS RO HYDERABADTelanganaTelanganaHyderabad
KVS RO JABALPURJabalpurJabalpurMadhya Pradesh
KVS RO JAIPURJaipurJaipurRajasthan
KVS RO JAMMUJammuJammuJammu And Kashmir
KVS RO KOLKATAKolkataKolkataWest Bengal
KVS RO LUCKNOWLucknowLucknowUttar Pradesh
KVS RO MUMBAIMumbaiMumbaiMaharastra
KVS RO PATNAPatnaPatnaBihar
KVS RO SILCHARSilcharSilcharAssam
ZIET GWALIORZIET GwaliorMadhya Pradesh
ZIET MUMBAIZIET MumbaiMaharastra
KVS RO AGRAAgraUttar Pradesh
KVS RO RANCHIRanchiJharkhand
KVS RO RAIPURRaipurChhattisgarh
KVS RO VARANASIVaranasiUttar Pradesh
KVS RO GURGAONGurugramHaryana


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How many Kendriya Vidyalaya are there in India?

As per the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) official website, there are 1245 Kendriya Vidyalayas in India.

Which is the best KV in India?

List of Kendriya Vidyalayas accredited by the Quality Council of India (QCI):

  1. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Sector-8, R.K. Puram, New Delhi
  2. Kendriya Vidyalaya, IIT Campus, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  3. Kendriya Vidyalaya, GPRA Campus, CPWD Quarters, Thirumangalam, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamilnadu
  4. Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1, M.R. Campus, Near Police Commissioner’s office, Shahibug, Ahemdabad, Gujarat
  5. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Ganeshkhind, Pune, Maharashtra
  6. Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1, Hoshangabad Road, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
  7. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Hebbal, Sadashivnagar, Bangalore, Karnataka
  8. Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1, Jammu Government Hospital Road, Gandhinagar, Jammu
  9. Kendriya Vidyalaya No.2, Nausenabaugh, Gandhiram, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
  10. Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1, Uppal X Roads, Uppal, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
  11. Kendriya Vidyalaya, O.L.F. Raipur, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
  12. Kendriya Vidyalaya, OCF, Sec-29B, Chandigarh
  13. Kendriya Vidyalaya, New Cantt, VD Road, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
  14. Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1, Unit-9, Bhoi Nagar, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha
  15. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Military Camp, Ballygunge Circle Road, Kolkata, West Bengal
  16. Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1, Jaipur, Rajasthan

How many KV's are abroad?

The three Kendriya Vidyalayas outside India is in Tehran, Kathmandu, and Moscow.

1. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Tehran, Iran
2. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kathmandu, Lazimpat
3. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Moscow, Russian Federation.

These are intended for children of Indian embassy staff and other expatriate employees of the Government of India.

How many regions are in KVs?

The KVs are divided into 25 regions in India, each headed by a deputy commissioner. Click on any region below to know the complete list of Kendriya Vidyalayas in the region.

  1. Agra
  2. Ahmedabad
  3. Bangalore
  4. Bhopal
  5. Bhubaneswar
  6. Chandigarh
  7. Chennai
  8. Dehradun
  9. Delhi
  10. Ernakulam
  11. Gurgaon
  12. Guwahati
  13. Hyderabad
  14. Jabalpur
  15. Jaipur
  16. Jammu
  17. Kolkata
  18. Lucknow
  19. Mumbai
  20. Patna
  21. Raipur
  22. Ranchi
  23. Silchar
  24. Tinsukia
  25. Varanasi

Is KVS an autonomous body?

The Kendriya Vidyalayas are run and controlled by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS). The KVS is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Education (MoE), Government of India.

How many KVs are there in Delhi?

List of Kendriya Vidyalayas in Delhi:

  1. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sector-8, Rohini
  2. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sector-3 Rohini
  3. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sector-22, Rohini, Delhi
  4. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sector-25, Rohini, Delhi
  5. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sec-28, Rohini, Delhi
  6. Kendriya Vidyalaya A.F.S. Bawana, Delhi
  7. Kendriya Vidyalaya Narela
  8. Kendriya Vidyalaya AFS, Rajokri
  9. Kendriya Vidyalaya Jharodakalan, Delhi
  10. Kendriya Vidyalaya SPG Complex Sector-8 Dwarka
  11. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sector-5, Dwarka
  12. Kendriya Vidyalaya BSF Camp Chhawla
  13. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sector-12, Dwarka
  14. Kendriya Vidyalaya Arjangarh, Delhi
  15. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sector-8 R.K. Puram
  16. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sector-4 R.K. Puram
  17. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sector-2 R.K Puram
  18. Kendriya Vidyalaya Vasant Kunj
  19. Kendriya Vidyalaya AAI Rangpuri
  20. Kendriya Vidyalaya NMR J.N.U. Old Campus
  21. Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 2 Near A.P.S. Colony
  22. Kendriya Vidyalaya Gole Market
  23. Kendriya Vidyalaya INA Colony
  24. Kendriya Vidyalaya Andrews Ganj
  25. Kendriya Vidyalaya Masjid Moth
  26. Kendriya Vidyalaya Pragati Vihar
  27. Kendriya Vidyalaya Tughlakabad
  28. Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 4 Kandhar Line
  29. Kendriya Vidyalaya Shakurbasti
  30. Kendriya Vidyalaya Tagore Garden
  31. Kendriya Vidyalaya Vikaspuri
  32. Kendriya Vidyalaya Paschim Vihar
  33. Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 1 Sadar Bazar Road Delhi Cantt.
  34. Kendriya Vidyalaya Janakpuri
  35. Kendriya Vidyalaya Shalimar Bagh
  36. Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 3 Delhi Cantt.
  37. Kendriya Vidyalaya Keshav Puram
  38. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sainik Vihar
  39. Kendriya Vidyalaya Pitampura
  40. Kendriya Vidyalaya NTPC Badarpur
  41. Kendriya Vidyalaya A.G.C.R. Colony
  42. Kendriya Vidyalaya Vigyan Vihar
  43. Kendriya Vidyalaya Pushp Vihar
  44. Kendriya Vidyalaya Shahdara, Delhi
  45. Kendriya Vidyalaya Khichripur

How many ZIETs are in KVs?

There are five KVS ZIETs in India. Click on the ZIET below to know more.

  1. ZIET Chandigarh
  2. ZIET Mumbai
  3. ZIET Mysore
  4. ZIET Gwalior
  5. ZIET Bhubaneswar

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