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Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS ROs) – KVS Regional Offices and ZIETs

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Regional Offices (ROs) & Zonal Offices (Ziets)


KVS Regional Offices (KVS ROs)

The Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) headquarter is situated in New Delhi looks after 1245 Kendriya Vidyalayas are functioning all over the country including 03 abroad with the objective to cater to the educational needs of the children of transferable Central Government employees including Defence and Para-military personnel by providing a common programme of education. 25 KVS Regional Offices have been established, each headed by a Deputy Commissioner with three Assistant Commissioners, one Administrative Officer and one Finance officer and supporting staff. KVS has divided the Vidyalayas into 25 Regions (KVS ROs).


Below mentioned is the list of 25 KVS Regional Offices in India along with their official website.

KVS RO DELHIhttps://rodelhi.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO AGRAhttps://roagra.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO AHMEDABADhttps://roahmedabad.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO BANGALOREhttps://robangalore.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO BHOPALhttps://robhopal.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO BHUBANESWARhttps://robhubaneswar.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO CHANDIGARHhttps://rochandigarh.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO CHENNAIhttps://rochennai.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO DEHRADUNhttps://rodehradun.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO ERNAKULAMhttps://roernakulam.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO GURGAONhttps://rogurgaon.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO GUWAHATIhttps://roguwahati.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO HYDERABADhttps://rohyderabad.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO JABALPURhttps://rojabalpur.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO JAIPURhttps://rojaipur.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO JAMMUhttps://rojammu.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO KOLKATAhttps://rokolkata.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO LUCKNOWhttps://rolucknow.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO MUMBAIhttps://romumbai.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO PATNAhttps://ropatna.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO SILCHARhttps://rosilchar.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO RANCHIhttps://roranchi.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO RAIPURhttps://roraipur.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO VARANASIhttps://rovaranasi.kvs.gov.in/
KVS RO TINSUKIAhttps://rotinsukia.kvs.gov.in/

KVS Zonal Institute of Education & Training (ZIETs)

KVS has established 5 Zonal Institute of Education and Training (ZIETs) which are entirely dedicated to training the Officers/Teachers and other Staff and the Committee is constituted to review periodically these programmes.

Below mentioned is the list of 5 KVS ZIETs in India along with their official website.

KVS ZIET CHANDIGARHhttps://zietchandigarh.kvs.gov.in/
KVS ZIET MUMBAIhttps://zietmumbai.kvs.gov.in/
KVS ZIET MYSOREhttps://zietmysore.kvs.gov.in/
KVS ZIET GWALIORhttps://zietgwalior.kvs.gov.in/
KVS ZIET BHUBANESWARhttps://zietbhubaneswar.kvs.gov.in/

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