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Top Universities in Jaipur 2021, List of Universities in Jaipur


Top Universities in Jaipur 2021

Jaipur is known as one of the chief educational hubs in India and is home to many reputed institutes and prestigious colleges of various disciplines like engineering, IT, arts, medical, law, management, commerce, etc. Top Universities in Jaipur are well-known for their excellent higher education system, training, and research.

There is a diverse variety of Central, State, Deemed, and private universities in Jaipur. From different parts of India, thousands of students take admission to the top universities in Jaipur which provide better placement opportunities and internships in some of the top companies in India and abroad.

Admissions in top universities in Jaipur are based on various entrance exams such as JEE Mains, GATE, XAT, CAT, MAT, JEE Advanced, and Merit based. In this article, we have provided the ranking list of top universities in Jaipur 2021 and a complete list of universities in Jaipur which helps you in selecting the top universities in Jaipur.

There is a various range of top universities in Jaipur which provide affiliation to various government and private colleges in Jaipur. These colleges provide various study programs in different study disciplines. Top Universities in Jaipur offer Undergraduate and Postgraduate education, Diploma programs, Distance education programs, Certificate courses, Correspondence courses, Job oriented courses, Regular Courses, Evening Programs, Research Programs, Full-time and Part-time Programs in various study disciplines.

Courses offered by Top Universities in Jaipur 2021 for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma, and Certificate Programs are mentioned below.

  • B.Sc. / M.Sc.
  • B.A. (Hons)
  • B.A. / M.A.
  • B.Com (Hons)
  • MBA / PGDMM.Sc.
  • BBA
  • Certificate Course
  • B.Com / M.Com
  • B.Ed / M.Ed
  • UG Diploma
  • M.A. (Hons)
  • B.P.Ed
  • Executive MBA / PGDM
  • MBBS
  • MDLL.B.
  • PG Diploma
  • BCA / MCA
  • B.Voc
  • B.Arch. / M.Arch.
  • BFA
  • B.A.M.S.
  • B.E. / B.Tech
  • MD
  • B.Sc. (Bio Tech)
  • M.Sc. (Bio Tech)
  • MS
  • BDS / MDS
  • BHM
  • B.Lib.I.Sc.
  • M.P.Ed
  • B.Pharm. / M.Pharm.
  • MFA
  • BSW / MSW
  • LL.M.
  • LLB
  • B.Sc (IT) / M.Sc (IT)
  • Ph.D.
  • M.E./M.Tech
  • BUMS
  • M.Com (Hons)
  • BVA
  • After 10th Diploma
  • BHMS
  • B.Sc. (Post Basic)
  • M.Lib.I.Sc.
  • DM
  • M.Phil
  • DOEACC O level
  • M.Ch.
  • B.El.Ed

Programs and Courses offered by different Top Universities in Jaipur are approved by various government organizations under the Ministry of Education (MoE), namely the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Distance Education Bureau (DEB), Bar Council of India (BCI), Medical Council of India (MCI), etc.

Category wise List of Top Universities in Jaipur 2021

A list of top universities in Jaipur under various categories is given below. The ranking list of universities in Jaipur is indicative only and not in accordance with the official ranking of top universities in Jaipur.

Top Universities in Jaipur 2021: (Top 5)

Check out the Ranking list of Universities in Jaipur 2021.

University Logo University Rank University Name Affiliation
Amity-University-Jaipur Rank 1 Amity University Private University
Manipal-University-Jaipur Rank 2 Manipal University Jaipur Private University
The-LNM-Institute-of-Information-Technology Rank 3 The LNM Institute of Information Technology Deemed University
Haridev-Joshi-University-of-Journalism-Mass-Communication Rank 4 Haridev Joshi University of Journalism & Mass Communication State University
ICFAI-University Rank 5 ICFAI University Private University

Top Deemed Universities in Jaipur

A list of Universities in Jaipur (Deemed Universities) is mentioned below.

University NameArea/DistrictWebsite
IIS UniversityJaipurhttps://www.iisuniv.ac.in/
LNM Institute of Information TechnologyJaipurhttps://www.lnmiit.ac.in/

Top State Universities in Jaipur

A list of Universities in Jaipur (State Universities) is mentioned below.

University NameArea/DistrictWebsite
Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Law UniversityJaipurhttps://aud.ac.in/
Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Law UniversityJaipurhttps://aud.ac.in/
Haridev Joshi University of Journalism & Mass CommunicationJaipurhttp://www.hju.ac.in/
Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Rajasthan Sanskrit UniversityJaipurhttp://www.jrrsanskrituniversity.ac.in/
Rajasthan University of Health SciencesJaipurhttps://www.ruhsraj.org/
Rajasthan ILD Skills University Hotel Khasa Kothi CampusJaipurhttp://rajskills.edu.in/
University of RajasthanJaipurhttps://www.uniraj.ac.in/

Top Private Universities in Jaipur

A list of Universities in Jaipur (Central Universities) is mentioned below.

University NameArea/DistrictWebsite
Amity UniversityJaipurhttps://www.amity.edu/jaipur/
Apex UniversityJaipurhttps://www.apexuniversity.co.in/
Bhartiya Skill Development UniversityJaipurhttps://ruj-bsdu.in/
Homoeopathy UniversityJaipurhttps://www.homoeopathyuniversity.org/
ICFAI UniversityJaipurhttps://www.iujaipur.edu.in/
IIHMR UniversityJaipurhttps://www.iihmr.edu.in/
Jagan Nath UniversityJaipurhttps://www.jagannathuniversity.org/
Jaipur National UniversityJaipurhttps://www.jnujaipur.ac.in/
Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s UniversityJaipurhttps://jvwu.ac.in/index.html/
J.K. Lakshmipat UniversityJaipurhttps://www.jklu.edu.in/
J.E.C.R.C. UniversityJaipurhttps://jecrcuniversity.edu.in/
Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole UniversityJaipurhttps://www.mjrpuniversity.ac.in/
Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Sciences & TechnologyJaipurhttps://www.mgumst.org/
Maharaj Vinayak Global UniversityJaipurhttp://mvgu.ac.in/
Maharishi Arvind UniversityJaipurhttp://maujaipur.org/
Manipal UniversityJaipurhttps://manipal.edu/mu.html/
NIMS University RajasthanJaipurhttps://nimsuniversity.org/
Nirwan UniversityJaipurhttp://nirwanuniversity.in/
Poornima UniversityJaipurhttps://www.poornima.edu.in/
Pratap UniversityJaipurhttps://www.pratapuniversity.in/
Suresh Gyan Vihar UniversityJaipurhttps://www.gyanvihar.org/
University of Engineering & ManagementJaipurhttps://uem.edu.in/
University of TechnologyJaipurhttps://www.universityoftechnology.edu.in/
Vivekananda Global UniversityJaipurhttps://vgu.ac.in/

List of Top Universities in Jaipur 2021 for Distance Education and Part-Time Programs

Distance education is one of the very modern ways for students who cannot attend regular classes. Students can interact, evaluate, debate, and continue their college education with the help of distance learning despite the barriers of time and distance. Some Advantages of Distance Educations are – No Regular classes, Fewer course fees, Flexible education system, Easy Curriculum, and Earn along with learning.

The list of Universities in Jaipur for Distance Education, Correspondence courses, and Part-time Programs are mentioned in the section below.

Complete List of Universities in Jaipur

Below is the complete list of universities in Jaipur with their location, official website, email, and phone numbers.

University NameAffiliationArea/DistrictStateWebsiteEmailPhone
Amity UniversityPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://www.amity.edu/jaipur/[email protected]+91-1426-405555
Apex UniversityPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://www.apexuniversity.co.in/[email protected]+91-141-6660999
Bhartiya Skill Development UniversityPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://ruj-bsdu.in/[email protected] +91-9116611131
Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Law UniversityState UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://aud.ac.in/[email protected]+91-11-23863740
Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Law UniversityState UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://aud.ac.in/[email protected]+91-11-23863740
Haridev Joshi University of Journalism & Mass CommunicationState UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttp://www.hju.ac.in/[email protected]+91-9935914999
Homoeopathy UniversityPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://www.homoeopathyuniversity.org/[email protected]+91-141-2713030
ICFAI UniversityPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://www.iujaipur.edu.in/[email protected]+91-8094688800
IIHMR UniversityPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://www.iihmr.edu.in/[email protected]+91-141-3924700
IIS UniversityDeemed UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://www.iisuniv.ac.in/[email protected]+91-141-2400160
Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Rajasthan Sanskrit UniversityState UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttp://www.jrrsanskrituniversity.ac.in/[email protected]+91-141-5132021
Jagan Nath UniversityPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://www.jagannathuniversity.org/[email protected]

Jaipur National UniversityPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://www.jnujaipur.ac.in/[email protected]1800-102-1900
Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s UniversityPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://jvwu.ac.in/index.html/[email protected]+91-141-2370501
J.K. Lakshmipat UniversityPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://www.jklu.edu.in/[email protected]+91-141-7107500
J.E.C.R.C. UniversityPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://jecrcuniversity.edu.in/[email protected]+91-9829468152
LNM Institute of Information TechnologyDeemed UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://www.lnmiit.ac.in/[email protected]+91-141-2688093
Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole UniversityPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://www.mjrpuniversity.ac.in/[email protected]+91-141-2294680
Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Sciences & TechnologyPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://www.mgumst.org/[email protected]+91-141-2771777
Maharaj Vinayak Global UniversityPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttp://mvgu.ac.in/[email protected]+91-9785400231
Maharishi Arvind UniversityPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttp://maujaipur.org/[email protected]+91-141-2940916
Manipal UniversityPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://manipal.edu/mu.html/[email protected]+91-92437-77733
NIMS University RajasthanPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://nimsuniversity.org/[email protected]+91-9116010414
Nirwan UniversityPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttp://nirwanuniversity.in/[email protected] +91-7069664952
Poornima UniversityPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://www.poornima.edu.in/[email protected]+91-8875-666617
Pratap UniversityPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://www.pratapuniversity.in/[email protected]+91-141-4924455
Rajasthan University of Health SciencesState UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://www.ruhsraj.org/[email protected]+91-141-2795501
Rajasthan ILD Skills University Hotel Khasa Kothi CampusState UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttp://rajskills.edu.in/ [email protected]+91-141-2703116
Suresh Gyan Vihar UniversityPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://www.gyanvihar.org/[email protected]+91-9413345444
University of Engineering & ManagementPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://uem.edu.in/[email protected]+91-94340 06432
University of RajasthanState UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://www.uniraj.ac.in/[email protected]+91-141-2256606
University of TechnologyPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://www.universityoftechnology.edu.in/ [email protected]+91-8385-012345
Vivekananda Global UniversityPrivate UniversityJaipurRajasthanhttps://vgu.ac.in/ [email protected]+91-141-2851000

Checkout State-wise List of Universities in India

FAQ’s related to Top Universities in Jaipur 2021

How many universities are there in Jaipur?

According to UGC, there are 24 private universities, 7 state universities, and 2 deemed universities in Jaipur as of 04.8.2020.

Which is the No. 1 University in Jaipur?

As per NIRF Rankings for top universities in Jaipur 2021, The 1st place goes to Amity University Jaipur.

Which are the top best Universities in Jaipur?

Below is the ranking list of universities in Jaipur.
  1. Amity University Jaipur
  2. Manipal University Jaipur
  3. The LNM Institute of Information Technology
  4. Haridev Joshi University of Journalism & Mass Communication
  5. ICFAI University

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