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Top Universities in Assam 2021, List of Universities in Assam


Top Universities in Assam 2021

Assam is known as one of the chief educational hubs in India and is home to many reputed institutes and prestigious colleges of various disciplines like engineering, IT, arts, medical, law, management, commerce, etc. There is a diverse variety of Central, State, Deemed, and private universities in Assam. Top Universities in Assam are well-known for their excellent higher education system, training, and research. From different parts of India, thousands of students take admission to the top universities in Assam which provide better placement opportunities and internships in some of the top companies in India and abroad.

Admissions in top universities in Assam are based on various entrance exams such as JEE Mains, GATE, XAT, CAT, MAT, JEE Advanced, and Merit based. In this article, we have provided the ranking list of top universities in Assam 2021 and a complete list of universities in Assam which helps you in selecting the top universities in Assam.

There is a various range of top universities in Assam which provide affiliation to various government and private colleges in Assam. These colleges provide various study programs in different study disciplines. Top Universities in Assam offer Undergraduate and Postgraduate education, Diploma programs, Distance education programs, Certificate courses, Correspondence courses, Job oriented courses, Regular Courses, Evening Programs, Research Programs, Full-time and Part-time Programs in various study disciplines.

Courses offered by Top Universities in Assam 2021 for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma, and Certificate Programs are mentioned below.

  • B.Sc. / M.Sc.
  • B.A. (Hons)
  • B.A. / M.A.
  • B.Com (Hons)
  • MBA / PGDMM.Sc.
  • BBA
  • Certificate Course
  • B.Com / M.Com
  • B.Ed / M.Ed
  • UG Diploma
  • M.A. (Hons)
  • B.P.Ed
  • Executive MBA / PGDM
  • MBBS
  • MDLL.B.
  • PG Diploma
  • BCA / MCA
  • B.Voc
  • B.Arch. / M.Arch.
  • BFA
  • B.A.M.S.
  • B.E. / B.Tech
  • MD
  • B.Sc. (Bio Tech)
  • M.Sc. (Bio Tech)
  • MS
  • BDS / MDS
  • BHM
  • B.Lib.I.Sc.
  • M.P.Ed
  • B.Pharm. / M.Pharm.
  • MFA
  • BSW / MSW
  • LL.M.
  • LLB
  • B.Sc (IT) / M.Sc (IT)
  • Ph.D.
  • M.E./M.Tech
  • BUMS
  • M.Com (Hons)
  • BVA
  • After 10th Diploma
  • BHMS
  • B.Sc. (Post Basic)
  • M.Lib.I.Sc.
  • DM
  • M.Phil
  • DOEACC O level
  • M.Ch.
  • B.El.Ed

Programs and Courses offered by different Top Universities in Assam are approved by various government organizations under the Ministry of Education (MoE), namely the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Distance Education Bureau (DEB), Bar Council of India (BCI), Medical Council of India (MCI), etc.

Category wise List of Top Universities in Assam 2021

A list of top universities in Assam 2021 under various categories is given below. The ranking list of universities in Assam is indicative only and not in accordance with the official ranking of top universities in Assam.

Top Universities in Assam 2021: (Top 10)

Check out the Ranking list of Universities in Assam 2021.

University Logo University Rank University Name Affiliation
Tezpur-University Rank 1 Tezpur University Central University
Gauhati-University Rank 2 Gauhati University State University
Dibrugarh-University Rank 3 Dibrugarh University State University
Assam-University Rank 4 Assam University Central University
Assam-Don-Bosco-University Rank 5 Assam Don Bosco University Private University
Cotton-University Rank 6 Cotton University State University
KREA-University Rank 7 KREA University Private University
Krishna-Kanta-Handique-State-Open-University Rank 8 Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University State University
Mahapurusha-Srimanta-Sankaradeva-Viswavidyalaya Rank 9 Mahapurusha Srimanta Sankaradeva Viswavidyalaya Private University
National-Law-University-and-Judicial-Academy Rank 10 National Law University and Judicial Academy State University

Top Deemed Universities in Assam

A list of Universities in Assam (Deemed Universities) is mentioned below.

University NameArea/DistrictWebsite
Central Institute of Technology (CIT)Kokrajharhttps://www.cit.ac.in/

Top State Universities in Assam

A list of Universities in Assam (State Universities) is mentioned below.

University NameArea/DistrictWebsite
Assam Agricultural UniversityJorhathttp://www.aau.ac.in/
Assam Rajiv Gandhi University of Co‐operative ManagementSivasagarhttps://argucom.assam.gov.in/
Assam Science & Technology UniversityGuwahatihttps://www.astu.ac.in/
Assam Women’s UniversityJorhathttp://www.awu.ac.in/
Bhattadev UniversityKokrajharhttp://www.bhattadevuniversity.ac.in/
Cotton College State UniversityGuwahatihttps://cottonuniversity.ac.in/
Dibrugarh UniversityDibrugarhhttps://dibru.ac.in/
Bodoland UniversityKokrajharhttp://bodolanduniversity.ac.in/
Gauhati UniversityGuwahatihttps://www.gauhati.ac.in/
Krishna Kanta Handique State Open UniversityGuwahatihttp://www.kkhsou.in/web_new/
Kumar Bhaskar Varma Sanskrit & Ancient Studie UniversityNalbarihttp://www.kbvsasun.ac.in/
Madhabdev UniversityLakhimpurhttps://www.madhabdevuniversity.org.in/frontend/page/homepage
National Law University and Judicial AcademyGuwahatihttp://www.nluassam.ac.in/
Rabindranath Tagore UniversityHojaihttps://rntu.ac.in/
Srimanta Sankaradeva University of Health SciencesGuwahatihttp://www.ssuhs.in/

Top Central Universities in Assam

A list of Universities in Assam (Central Universities) is mentioned below.

University NameArea/DistrictWebsite
Assam UniversitySilcharhttp://www.aus.ac.in/
Tezpur UniversitySonitpurhttp://www.tezu.ernet.in/

Top Private Universities in Assam

A list of Universities in Assam (Private Universities) is mentioned below.

University NameArea/DistrictWebsite
Assam Don Bosco UniversityGuwahatihttps://www.dbuniversity.ac.in/
Assam Down Town UniversityGuwahatihttps://adtu.in/
Krishnaguru Adhyatmik VishwavidyalayaBarpetahttp://www.kav.org.in/
Mahapurusha Srimanta Sankaradeva ViswavidyalayaNagaonhttps://www.mssv.co.in/
The Assam Kaziranga UniversityJorhathttps://kazirangauniversity.in/
The Assam Royal Global UniversityGuwahatihttps://www.rgu.ac/

List of Top Universities in Assam 2021 for Distance Education and Part-Time Programs

Distance education is one of the very modern ways for students who cannot attend regular classes. Students can interact, evaluate, debate, and continue their college education with the help of distance learning despite the barriers of time and distance. Some Advantages of Distance Educations are – No Regular classes, Fewer course fees, Flexible education system, Easy Curriculum, and Earn along with learning.

The list of Universities in Assam for Distance Education, Correspondence courses, and Part-time Programs is mentioned in the section below.

University/ Institution Name Official Website Link
Dibrugarh Distance Education University https://dibru.ac.in/open-distance-learning/
Guwahati Distance Education University http://www.gauhati.ac.in/
Assam Don Bosco University Global Distance Education https://www.dbuniversity.ac.in/dbuglobal/
Assam Distance Education University http://www.aus.ac.in/
Tezpur Distance Education University http://www.tezu.ernet.in/tu_codl/

Complete List of Universities in Assam

Below is the complete list of universities in Assam with their location, official website, email, and phone numbers.

University NameAffiliationArea/DistrictStateWebsiteEmailPhone
Assam Agricultural UniversityState UniversityJorhatAssamhttp://www.aau.ac.in/[email protected]+91-376-2340001
Assam Don Bosco UniversityPrivate UniversityGuwahatiAssamhttps://www.dbuniversity.ac.in/[email protected]+91-9476690950
Assam Down Town UniversityPrivate UniversityGuwahatiAssamhttps://adtu.in/[email protected]+91-361-7110711
Assam UniversityCentral UniversitySilcharAssamhttp://www.aus.ac.in/[email protected],[email protected]+91-3842-270806
Assam Rajiv Gandhi University of Co‐operative ManagementState UniversitySivasagarAssamhttps://argucom.assam.gov.in/[email protected]+91-9085228262
Assam Science & Technology UniversityState UniversityGuwahatiAssamhttps://www.astu.ac.in/[email protected]+91-361-2732002
Assam Women’s UniversityState UniversityJorhatAssamhttp://www.awu.ac.in/[email protected]+91-376-2310068
Bhattadev UniversityState UniversityKokrajharAssamhttp://www.bhattadevuniversity.ac.in/[email protected]+91-3666-266423
Central Institute of Technology (CIT)Deemed UniversityKokrajharAssamhttps://www.cit.ac.in/[email protected]+91-3661-277279
Cotton College State UniversityState UniversityGuwahatiAssamhttps://cottonuniversity.ac.in/[email protected]+91-361-2601100
Dibrugarh UniversityState UniversityDibrugarhAssamhttps://dibru.ac.in/[email protected]+91-373-2370336
Bodoland UniversityState UniversityKokrajharAssamhttp://bodolanduniversity.ac.in/[email protected]+91-3661-277149
Gauhati UniversityState UniversityGuwahatiAssamhttps://www.gauhati.ac.in/[email protected]+91-361-2570412
Krishnaguru Adhyatmik VishwavidyalayaPrivate UniversityBarpetaAssamhttp://www.kav.org.in/[email protected]+91-8638689406
Krishna Kanta Handique State Open UniversityState UniversityGuwahatiAssamhttp://www.kkhsou.in/web_new/[email protected]+91-361-2235971
Kumar Bhaskar Varma Sanskrit & Ancient Studie UniversityState UniversityNalbariAssamhttp://www.kbvsasun.ac.in/[email protected]+91-3624-298311
Madhabdev UniversityState UniversityLakhimpurAssamhttps://www.madhabdevuniversity.org.in/frontend/page/homepage[email protected]+91-3752-262255
Mahapurusha Srimanta Sankaradeva ViswavidyalayaPrivate UniversityNagaonAssamhttps://www.mssv.co.in/[email protected]+91-3672231146
National Law University and Judicial AcademyState UniversityGuwahatiAssamhttp://www.nluassam.ac.in/[email protected]+91-361-2738891
Rabindranath Tagore UniversityState UniversityHojaiAssamhttps://rntu.ac.in/[email protected]+91-755-2700400
Srimanta Sankaradeva University of Health SciencesState UniversityGuwahatiAssamhttp://www.ssuhs.in/[email protected]+91-361-2130431
Tezpur UniversityCentral UniversitySonitpurAssamhttp://www.tezu.ernet.in/[email protected]net.in+91-3712-267008
The Assam Kaziranga UniversityPrivate UniversityJorhatAssamhttps://kazirangauniversity.in/[email protected]18005725898
The Assam Royal Global UniversityPrivate UniversityGuwahatiAssamhttps://www.rgu.ac/[email protected]+91-361-2270300

Checkout State-wise List of Universities in India

FAQ’s related to Top Universities in Assam 2021

How many universities are there in Assam?

According to UGC, there are 2 central universities, 11 state universities, 6 private universities, and 1 deemed university in Assam as of 04.8.2020.

Which is the No. 1 University in Assam?

As per NIRF Rankings for top universities in Assam 2021, The 1st place goes to Tezpur University, New Assam.

Which are the top best Universities in Assam?

Below is the ranking list of universities in Assam.
  1. Tezpur University
  2. Gauhati University
  3. Dibrugarh University
  4. Assam University
  5. Assam Don Bosco University

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