Top Universities in Jharkhand 2021, List of Universities in Jharkhand


Top Universities in Jharkhand 2021

Jharkhand is known as one of the chief educational hubs in India and is home to many reputed institutes and prestigious colleges of various disciplines like engineering, IT, arts, medical, law, management, commerce, etc. There is a diverse variety of Central, State, Deemed, and private universities in Jharkhand. Top Universities in Jharkhand are well-known for their excellent higher education system, training, and research. From different parts of India, thousands of students take admission to the top universities in Jharkhand which provide better placement opportunities and internships in some of the top companies in India and abroad.

Admissions in top universities in Jharkhand are based on various entrance exams such as JEE Mains, GATE, XAT, CAT, MAT, JEE Advanced, and Merit based. In this article, we have provided the ranking list of top universities in Jharkhand 2021 and a complete list of universities in Jharkhand which helps you in selecting the top universities in Jharkhand.

There is a various range of top universities in Jharkhand which provide affiliation to various government and private colleges in Jharkhand. These colleges provide various study programs in different study disciplines. Top Universities in Jharkhand offer Undergraduate and Postgraduate education, Diploma programs, Distance education programs, Certificate courses, Correspondence courses, Job oriented courses, Regular Courses, Evening Programs, Research Programs, Full-time and Part-time Programs in various study disciplines.

Courses offered by Top Universities in Jharkhand 2021 for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma, and Certificate Programs are mentioned below.

  • B.Sc. / M.Sc.
  • B.A. (Hons)
  • B.A. / M.A.
  • B.Com (Hons)
  • MBA / PGDMM.Sc.
  • BBA
  • Certificate Course
  • B.Com / M.Com
  • B.Ed / M.Ed
  • UG Diploma
  • M.A. (Hons)
  • B.P.Ed
  • Executive MBA / PGDM
  • MBBS
  • MDLL.B.
  • PG Diploma
  • BCA / MCA
  • B.Voc
  • B.Arch. / M.Arch.
  • BFA
  • B.A.M.S.
  • B.E. / B.Tech
  • MD
  • B.Sc. (Bio Tech)
  • M.Sc. (Bio Tech)
  • MS
  • BDS / MDS
  • BHM
  • B.Lib.I.Sc.
  • M.P.Ed
  • B.Pharm. / M.Pharm.
  • MFA
  • BSW / MSW
  • LL.M.
  • LLB
  • B.Sc (IT) / M.Sc (IT)
  • Ph.D.
  • M.E./M.Tech
  • BUMS
  • M.Com (Hons)
  • BVA
  • After 10th Diploma
  • BHMS
  • B.Sc. (Post Basic)
  • M.Lib.I.Sc.
  • DM
  • M.Phil
  • DOEACC O level
  • M.Ch.
  • B.El.Ed

Programs and Courses offered by different Top Universities in Jharkhand are approved by various government organizations under the Ministry of Education (MoE), namely the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Distance Education Bureau (DEB), Bar Council of India (BCI), Medical Council of India (MCI), etc.

Category wise List of Top Universities in Jharkhand 2021

A list of top universities in Jharkhand 2021 under various categories is given below. The ranking list of universities in Jharkhand is indicative only and not in accordance with the official ranking of top universities in Jharkhand.

Top Universities in Jharkhand 2021: (Top 10)

Check out the Ranking list of Universities in Jharkhand 2021.

University Logo University Rank University Name Affiliation
Birla-Institute-of-Technology-Science Rank 1 Birla Institute of Technology Deemed University
Central-University-of-Jharkhand Rank 2 Central University of Jharkhand Central University
Dr.-Shyama-Prasad-Mukherjee-University Rank 3 Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee University State University
Kolhan-University Rank 4 Kolhan University State University
National-University-of-Study-Research-in-Law Rank 5 National University of Study & Research in Law State University
Rabindranath-Tagore-University Rank 6 Rabindranath Tagore University Private University
Ranchi-University Rank 7 Ranchi University State University
Amity-University-ranchi Rank 8 Amity University Private University
Pragyan-International-University Rank 9 Pragyan International University Private University
Radha-Govind-University Rank 10 Radha Govind University Private University

Top Deemed Universities in Jharkhand

A list of Universities in Jharkhand (Deemed Universities) is mentioned below.

University NameArea/DistrictWebsite
Birla Institute of TechnologyRanchi

Top State Universities in Jharkhand

A list of Universities in Jharkhand (State Universities) is mentioned below.

University NameArea/DistrictWebsite
Binod Bihar Mahto Koylanchal UniversityDhanbad
Birsa Agricultural UniversityRanchi
Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee UniversityRanchi
Jharkhand Raksha Shakti UniversityRanchi
Jharkhand University of TechnologyRanchi
Kolhan UniversityWest Singhbhum
Nilamber‐Pitamber UniversityPalamu
National University of Study & Research in LawRanchi
Ranchi UniversityRanchi
Sido Kanhu Murmu UniversityDumka
Vinoba Bhave UniversityHazaribagh

Top Central Universities in Jharkhand

A list of Universities in Jharkhand (Central Universities) is mentioned below.

University NameArea/DistrictWebsite
Central University of JharkhandRanchi

Top Private Universities in Jharkhand

A list of Universities in Jharkhand (Central Universities) is mentioned below.

University NameArea/DistrictWebsite
Rabinadranath Tagore UniversityHazaribagh
Amity UniversityRanchi
ARKA Jain UniversitySeraikela  Kharsawan
Capital UniversityKoderma
Jharkhand Rai UniversityRanchi
Netaji Subhas UniversityJamshedpur
Pragyan International UniversityRanchi
Radha Govind UniversityRamgarh
Ramchandra Chandravansi UniversityPalamu
Ram Krishna Dharmarth Foundation UniversityRanchi
Sai Nath UniversityRanchi
Sarla Birla UniversityRanchi
The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India UniversityRanchi
Usha Martin UniversityRanchi
YBN UniversityRanchi

List of Top Universities in Jharkhand 2021 for Distance Education and Part-Time Programs

Distance education is one of the very modern ways for students who cannot attend regular classes. Students can interact, evaluate, debate, and continue their college education with the help of distance learning despite the barriers of time and distance. Some Advantages of Distance Educations are – No Regular classes, Fewer course fees, Flexible education system, Easy Curriculum, and Earn along with learning.

The list of Universities in Jharkhand for Distance Education, Correspondence courses, and Part-time Programs is mentioned in the section below.

University/ Institution Name Official Website Link
Ranchi University
Central University of Jharkhand
Birla Institute of Technology
Amity University
Jharkhand University of Technology

Complete List of Universities in Jharkhand

Below is the complete list of universities in Jharkhand with their location, official website, email, and phone numbers.

University NameAffiliationArea/DistrictStateWebsiteEmailPhone
Rabinadranath Tagore UniversityPrivate UniversityHazaribaghJharkhand
[email protected]+91-9319866685
Amity UniversityPrivate UniversityRanchiJharkhand[email protected]+91-72-82077771
ARKA Jain UniversityPrivate UniversitySeraikela  KharsawanJharkhand[email protected]1800-1200-200
Binod Bihar Mahto Koylanchal UniversityState UniversityDhanbadJharkhand[email protected]NA
Birla Institute of TechnologyDeemed UniversityRanchiJharkhand[email protected]+91-651-2275444
Birsa Agricultural UniversityState UniversityRanchiJharkhand[email protected]+91-651-2450832
Capital UniversityPrivate UniversityKodermaJharkhand[email protected]1800-121-1988
Central University of JharkhandCentral UniversityRanchiJharkhand[email protected]+91-9525754599
Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee UniversityState UniversityRanchiJharkhand[email protected]+91-651-2233803
Jharkhand Rai UniversityPrivate UniversityRanchiJharkhand[email protected]18001202546
Jharkhand Raksha Shakti UniversityState UniversityRanchiJharkhand[email protected]+91-79-68126807
Jharkhand University of TechnologyState UniversityRanchiJharkhand[email protected]+91-7033298572
Kolhan UniversityState UniversityWest SinghbhumJharkhand[email protected]+91-6582-255274
Nilamber‐Pitamber UniversityState UniversityPalamuJharkhand[email protected] +91-9852529038
National University of Study & Research in LawState UniversityRanchiJharkhand[email protected]+91-651-2450550
Netaji Subhas UniversityPrivate UniversityJamshedpurJharkhand[email protected]+91-657-2233022
Pragyan International UniversityPrivate UniversityRanchiJharkhand[email protected]+91-6291299507
Radha Govind UniversityPrivate UniversityRamgarhJharkhand[email protected]+91-9430725218
Ramchandra Chandravansi UniversityPrivate UniversityPalamuJharkhand[email protected]+91-9576573104
Ram Krishna Dharmarth Foundation UniversityPrivate UniversityRanchiJharkhand [email protected]18002700320
Ranchi UniversityState UniversityRanchiJharkhand[email protected]+91-651-2205177
Sai Nath UniversityPrivate UniversityRanchiJharkhand[email protected]+91-7461073942
Sarla Birla UniversityPrivate UniversityRanchiJharkhand[email protected]+91-7707004286
Sido Kanhu Murmu UniversityState UniversityDumkaJharkhand[email protected] +91-6434-222495
The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India UniversityPrivate UniversityRanchiJharkhand[email protected]18005990767
Usha Martin UniversityPrivate UniversityRanchiJharkhand[email protected]+91-8956226200
Vinoba Bhave UniversityState UniversityHazaribaghJharkhand[email protected]+91-8987791007
YBN UniversityPrivate UniversityRanchiJharkhand[email protected]+91-8102927067

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FAQ’s related to Top Universities in Jharkhand 2021

How many universities are there in Jharkhand?

According to UGC, there are 1 central university, 11 state universities,15 private universities, and 1 deemed university in Jharkhand as of 04.8.2020.

Which is the No. 1 University in Jharkhand?

As per NIRF Rankings for top universities in Jharkhand 2021, The 1st place goes to Birla Institute of Technology, New Jharkhand.

Which are the top best Universities in Jharkhand?

Below is the ranking list of universities in Jharkhand.
  1. Birla Institute of Technology
  2. Central University of Jharkhand
  3. Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee University
  4. Kolhan University
  5. National University of Study & Research in Law

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