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distance-education-updates-2023This section gives you the latest updates and the ultimate guide for all your queries regarding Distance Education, Open Learning, Best Open Schooling & Online Education in India, providing the most accurate, important, and useful information on various Online Learning & Distance Learning Institutions, Education Boards, Universities, etc. The objective of this section is to provide Great and Fast Support to the students and help them with every Question, Query, and Issue that they face while studying through Distance Education or Open Learning so that they can complete their course easily and conveniently.

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What is Distance Education or Open Learning?

Distance education, also known as open learning, is the education for students who may not or do not want to pursue regular education due to personal or professional reasons, as they wouldn’t be available physically at a school. Traditionally, it is known as correspondence education wherein the student corresponded with the school via mail. Today, it involves online education. Distance education or open learning program can be completely distance learning, or a mix & match of distance learning and traditional classroom-based education system (called hybrid or blended). There are a number of other terms used for distance education (distributed learning, e-learning, m-learning, online learning, virtual classroom, etc.) that are used roughly corresponding with distance education.

online-learningDistance education or Open learning is a way of taking courses without having to attend classes at a school or university. The best part of open learning is that it is available & used by people of all ages. Lectures and learning materials are either sent through courier, mail, or over the internet. The students study from home at their convenience, not in a classroom. In some smaller towns, tertiary institutions based in the cities have a small campus that uses a combination of face-to-face and distance learning to deliver programs.
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Scope of Online Education in India

In modern times, access to information is the key to success. Gone are the days when education and learning were limited to colleges and universities. In the digital age, learning is open to everyone. E-learning or online education is a blessing for people who face challenges in accessing traditional college education. Online learning has transformed the knowledge economy at the global level. Online education is also known as e-learning.

The Indian education system is expanding more and more every year and the future of online education in India is very bright. The people of India are pushing for online education because of its convenience, low cost, and high-quality education and now the government is promoting online education in India. In the coming years, there will still be growth in the online education market. Indians are embracing this new way of learning. Online education is very limited and all those with limited time are turning to it. Many top Schools, Universities, organizations, and colleges adopt the program of online education in India.

Effect of Covid-19 Pandemic on Open Learning / Distance Learning

The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in the temporary closure of the majority of schools & other educational institutions worldwide including India. Many schools & Institutions moved to the online learning process through different video chatting platforms. Due to the coronavirus, distance learning / open education typically a style of teaching utilized by colleges and universities is now being adopted by primary and higher secondary school students as well. Entire school boards, Institutions are being forced to create and conduct online-based learning opportunities and execute them efficiently & effectively.

Although online education is having some disadvantages and limitations in India, many students who belong to poor families are unable to excess this new type of schooling or learning. Students with limited computer or internet access may also struggle.

How Does Distance Education work?

At first, distance education or open learning was introduced through “correspondence” courses, where information and assignments were sent to the students through the post, who then sent completed assignments and tests back to the open school, institutes & universities for marking. While this option is still available in Institutions & Universities like NIOS, CBSE Patrachar Vidyalaya, RIOS, AIIOS, IGNOU, DU (SOL) & many more, most distance learning is now done over the internet. Widespread access to the internet makes online education in India fast and easy to send and receive assignments, and access course materials.

While distance learning lacks the personal touch of having a tutor in the room & other students or friends around, students normally have classes on weekends & can contact the tutor for any questions or problems they encounter &/or have the option of Online classes & Audio-Video tutorials in case of Online education or Online learning. In many institutions distance learning courses also include recorded lectures, so that the students can see the same lecture as the students attending the class in person.

What are the Benefits of Distance Education?

benefits-of-distance-educationOne of the advantages of distance learning or open learning is the chance to study at your own pace. On the one hand, it is an excuse for some people to be lazy and take their time; many distance students use this flexibility to finish their courses more quickly than students attending regular classes. Distance learning or online education is commonly preferred by working professionals across the world.

For the students who are quick learners and devote a lot of time to the courses, they can cut months of study off of a diploma or degree course, getting their qualification sooner. Distance learning or open schooling gives you the freedom to work from home at your own convenience & comfort. While for some people this is a very helpful mode of education, for others, it is difficult to make the time and stay focused.

One of the great advantages of distance education or open learning is that you can take a course at whatever school best matches your needs, regardless of where it is located. In fact, distance learning is not even limited to India. Online education or open learning is offered by schools all around the world, which may offer specialized courses not available in India. You can study at Oxford or Harvard from your home in India.

Is Distance Learning the right mode of Education?

This is the question that distresses most of the students who consider pursuing education through distance learning or open learning. Students often have doubt/uncertainty while opting for higher education through distance education, as they lack clarity about the advantage and disadvantages of this mode of education. It’s a good idea to understand the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing a degree through distance education before you decide if you want to go for this mode of education.

Do their teaching methods work for you? While some people do not face difficulty & study well with written materials on their own but some who need more interaction with the tutor must opt for regular education. Just check the details before you decide/opt for a course. Is it the right course for you? If you are looking for a set of skills or specific qualification makes sure the course you take will give you what you are actually looking for.

Advantages of Distance Education (Open Learning)

  • Learn while you earn
  • Nominal Fees
  • Convenient timing
  • Learn at your own pace
  • You can study where ever / whenever
  • Recognition among employers

Disadvantages of Distance Education (Online Education)

  • Hidden Cost
  • Complicated technology
  • Chances of distraction
  • Unavailability of Tutor
  • Network issue
  • A rise in Scam Operators

What Alerts & Updates you will get?

IGNOU Updates and Alerts – Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is a Central Open Learning University located in New Delhi, India. IGNOU is named after the former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi and was established in 1985. IGNOU is run by the central government of India and with a total active enrollment of over 4 million students and claims to be the world’s largest university / Open University. IGNOU has 21 schools and a network of 67 regional centers, 2667 study centers, and 29 overseas centers in 15 countries. Approx. 20% of all students enrolled in higher education in India are enrolled with IGNOU. IGNOU offers 226 academic programs comprising courses at certificate, diploma, and degree levels. IGNOU is the most famous correspondence university for distance & open learning across India. The official website of IGNOU is

NIOS Updates and Alerts – The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is the largest open schooling system in India. NIOS was established in 2003 by the HRD Ministry, it is popular for higher secondary, senior secondary, and vocational courses across the country. NIOS is more useful for students who failed in class 10 and class 12 as they can complete their education in the same year with the On-Demand Examination (ODE concept), this facility was introduced in 2003. This ODE concept is much acclaimed and facilitates students to appear for the examination when they are prepared at their convenience. NIOS is the most famous open school among students of higher & senior secondary, who want to opt for distance learning or open schooling. The official website of NIOS is

CBSE Patrachar Updates and Alerts – CBSE Patrachar is proven to be a well-defined system through a Vidyalaya (Open Schooling Center) for those students who have failed their board exams or had to drop out midway due to some reason. It gives such students a chance to complete their education and take a leap forward without wasting a time further. A student can study through CBSE Patrachar as it offers a student-friendly and flexible approach, No matter where the student is at that time. The whole system is actually working in the best interest of the students in terms of the admission process, and classes offered. CBSE Patrachar Vidyalaya is popular in Delhi among the CBSE dropouts for open schooling or open learning. The official website of CBSE Patrachar Vidyalaya is

RIOS Updates and Alerts – Rural Institute of Open Schooling (RIOS) was set up with the objective to provide a highly flexible & quality education to enable over-aged dropouts so that they can complete their schooling, especially in rural places across India. It is mainly established to provide open schooling i.e. Secondary / Senior Secondary Education to the children/aspirants belonging to the Scheduled caste, Schedule tribe & women, etc., in rural India. The official website of RIOS is

AIIOS Updates and Alerts All India Institute of Open Schooling (AIIOS) was established in March 1997 in Delhi with an aim to introduce a democratic system of education by providing it to the students at their doorstep, irrespective of age/sex/caste/ religion/territory. AIIOS is also promoted and popularizes education under the Regular/Private/Open/Online Education system in the pattern of other countries. It is also aiming to select a choice of subjects and assimilate more education at a lesser cost. All India Institute of Open Schooling is recognized by the Central Government, Several State governments, and All Local Literacy Governance Bodies, as well as ISO 9001: 2015, Accredited Integrated Assessment Services (IAS) Government of America Certified. The official website of AIIOS is

DU SOL Updates and Alerts The School of Open Learning (SOL) is a part of the Campus of Open Learning previously known as The School of Correspondence Courses and Continuing Education. SOL was established under the University of Delhi in 1962, & was established at the south study Center at Moti Bagh from the academic session 1990-91. SOL is one of the best Institutions in the field of Distance Education or open learning in India. With the establishment of the School of Open Learning (SOL), the country witnessed the beginning of a different mode of education i.e. Open Schooling or Distance Education.

The admission process is governed by the norms established by the Delhi University (DU) and the examination is also conducted by the Delhi University (DU). The degree to the student after completion of the course is conferred by Delhi University (DU). There is no difference in the course curriculum followed by the School of Open Learning (SOL) and Delhi University’s other constituent colleges and Departments. In an effort to cater to the needs of a growing number of students, the School established the South Study Center at Moti Bagh from the academic session 1990-91. The official website of the School of Open Learning (SOL) is

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Uttar Pradesh State School Open Board (UPSOSB), Maharashtra State Open School (MSOS), Bihar Board of Open Schooling & Examination (BBOSE), A.P. Open School Society, Chhatisgarh State Open School, Delhi State Open School, Jammu and Kashmir State Open School, M.P. State Open School Education Board (MPSOS), Rajasthan State Open School (RSOS), Telangana Open School Society, The West Bengal Council of Rabindra Open Schooling (WBCROS), Haryana State Open Board of Schooling (HSOBS), Jharkhand State Open School (JSOS),  etc.

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Jamia Milia Islamia Distance Education University, Maulana Azad National Urdu Distance Education University, Aligarh Muslim Distance Education University, Rajiv Gandhi Distance Education University, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha Distance Education University, Maharishi Dayanand Distance Education University, Karnataka State Open University, Nalanda Open Distance Education University, Manipal Distance Education University, Amity Distance Education University, Sikkim Manipal Distance Education University, Jaipur National Distance Education University, etc.

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